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JBL Apologizes for Drunk Memos About Killing Cody Rhodes

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The former WWE star, JBL, posted a series of overnight tweets aimed at Cody Rhodes, one of whom said he had killed a wrestler – but Layfield had now apologized, admitting he drank one too much.

If you miss it … JBL also tweeted saying Cody was a tool, not in the league and that he could beat Rhodes every day in the match (even though he was retired).

Friday morning, however, Layfield changed the tone of his voice. "I was having fun with Cody last night and said I would kill Cody Rhodes, I certainly didn't mean it literally," he wrote on Twitter. "It was a very bad choice of words, I returned with him and his family and I only spoke in terms of pro wrestling. I apologize for the bad choice of words. "

Add, "I don't mean to disrespect Dusty. That's what happened when the excitement of the Cowboys victory, my birthday, mixed kiss, and mixed liquor. "

Community leaders, here's the tip: Don't drink and tweet. It usually doesn't end well.

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