Japan launched a satellite to produce the world's first artificial meteor shower


Japan has never failed to surprise the world with their advanced technology and highly developed thinking. A country that was once destroyed by one of the worst Tsunami still working to produce technology that other countries cannot think of.

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) has launched rockets carrying artificial satellites that will produce artificial meteor showers. This will be the first artificial meteor satellite in the world if its mission is successful.

Know about satellites

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is Japanese Aerospace and Space Agency like NASA [VIDEO] USA and ISRO India. JAXA provides scientific research, satellite launch, lunar exploration, technology development etc.

Satellite launched by Epsilon-4 Rocket from the Uchinoura space center.

This will be the fourth Epsilon rocket launched and first launched more than one satellite at a time. The rocket will launch seven nanosatellites. Nanosatellite was launched to produce a paradise performance made the first time in early 2020 on Hiroshima.

Satellites were launched for initial experiments for so-called "falling on-demand stars". This satellite was developed by ALE (Astro Direct Experience) Co. Ltd., one of the new companies based in Tokyo. Lina Okajima The Chief Executive of ALE at one of the press conferences last year told about a star shooting project that could be delivered around the world.

The process of producing meteor showers

The main purpose of micro satellites is to produce small balls that shine brightly, and when they come into contact with the atmosphere, they mimic like shooting stars that simulate meteor showers in space.

The process of making such simulations is called Plasma Emissions.

After the small ball is released in the room, it will automatically burn to become ash so there is no risk posed to people. The light will be very bright so it will be visible even through polluted light The city of Tokyo. The small ball is expected to glow for a few seconds before it is completely burned. Apart from this little ball, ALE is also looking forward to introducing unused satellites so that it will produce brighter light.

The world will witness if its mission goes well

In 2020 if the mission is successful and works well then people all over the world will be able to watch meteor shower events throughout the world. ALE works with local government officials, scientists, and engineers. Although the satellite was successfully launched, the company did not disclose the exact amount spent on the mission.


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