IDW Announces Star Trek: Five Year Comic Series


Captain Kirk is nearing the end of his iconic journey.
Image: IDW publishing

We all know how Captain Kirk's five-year mission starts, but have you ever wanted to learn how it ended? IDW Publishing will immediately notify that section Seri Asli story with a new comic book series, Star Trek: Fifth Year, all about the last year CompanyAn iconic five-year journey.

As revealed by the Hollywood Reporter, IDW Publishing is working on a new series centered around Starship Company when entering the final year of the five-year mission to look for new life in the galaxy. With writers including Brandon Easton, Jody Houser, Jim McCann, Collin Kelly, and Jackson Lanzing – and illustrated by Stephen Thompson – this series will focus on the end of the mission, and how the captain and crew prepare themselves for "uncertain future who are waiting for them "after finally finishing it.

In a statement reported by THR, Lanzing said the series would be a character that was moved in Kirk's final year in command, and that his actions would "have a big ripple effect, from the outbreak of the war at Alpha Quadrant to unprecedented tension. believe in Spock. "And just as the original series brought attention to social problems at the time, this new series will do the same for problems in our own society. Hopefully we don't get other interesting news "Create the Glorious Empire Again", eh Star Trek?

Since Seri Asli determined during the first three years of the five-year mission, there are always countless stories of what happened afterwards. It was previously explored back in 2007-2008 with IDW Fourth year miniseries, centered around the fourth year of the mission. And while this is technically not the first time Star Trek had investigated the final year of the five-year mission—Animation Series reportedly arranged during that time – that I s the first time the franchise did it formally.

Star Trek: Fifth Year came out in April.

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