How to keep your pet safe on New Year's Eve


New Year's Eve
Help keep your pet safe on this New Year's Eve by keeping decorations, snacks, and drinks out of foot reach. Image: Pixabay

New Year's Eve is almost here, which means many may plan their celebrations for Monday night.

However, celebrations like the New Year's Eve can be stressful for pets, so BC SPCA has a few tips to help keep your furry friends safe and happy.

First of all, remember that your pet may experience disorientation and even display behaviors that do not fit the character including jumping, biting, scratching or hiding.

To help keep your pet safe, consider storing it indoors all night. This will give them less chance to face loud voices. Another option is to even store it in a separate room with a radio or television on. Be sure to leave them with lots of toys so they don't see their isolation as punishment and make sure they get lots of practice all day first.

Of course, make sure to keep festive snacks out of the reach of curious pets. Chocolate is very dangerous for dogs and cats because it contains theobromine which is toxic to them. Don't forget to make sure all alcohol, marijuana and other drugs are also outside the reach of your pet. Alcohol can not only cause poisoning, but can also cause coma or death in pets.

Keep decorations out of reach of feet. Party horns, ribbons, and confetti can cause serious medical problems – and large vet bills – if ingested by pets.

Even with the best intentions, pets may still be nervous and try to escape to a quieter place. Therefore, it is important to ensure the identification of your pet is up-to-date and ensure they are registered by visiting the BC Pet Registry website. If you see "a dog in general," the City of Richmond encourages the Richmondites to contact [email protected] with the exact time and location where they were seen.


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