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How did Fallout lose his soul

I know the Fallout series lost direction as soon as Bethesda announced that the player entered Fall 76 will be able to launch nuclear with each other.

The heart and soul of this multilevel franchise began to leak years ago, of course. But Fall 4 is an empty experience, if it is addictive, except for a few important moments, including certain suicide letters. Fall 3, Bethesda's first entry in this series, is the beginning of the end of the franchise's personality.

But each game maintains a precious bit of the dark satire of medieval American ambitions that revive the previous game installments. What could be more downfall than the giant robot that spouted Cold War-themed slogans like "Democracy is the essence of goodness. Communism, the main definition of crime, "or" Mission: the destruction of all and all Chinese communists "?

Fall out take jingoism at that time and paint it in tacky caricature proportions, against the backdrop of post-apocalyptic nuclear nuclear nuclear acts as its own meta-commentary. Background radiation, if you like.

Fall 76 lost contact with these themes, however. In the midst of a dismal launch and many complaints from players struggling with bugs, the empty game world and the rude behavior of other players is a sad irony of the failure of the proud nuclear weapons system.

From the Representative's report on this issue:

"Nuclear loops," like the so-called developer Bethesda, are imagined as difficult puzzles that will be resolved by the players towards the end of their time with the game. But the players acted quickly and launched their first nuclear weapons during the game's beta phase. Nukes began flying across the map immediately after the initial release of the game, and the players had even coordinated the launch of three simultaneous nuclear explosions, which caused the server to crash.

There's a satire here, sure, but now it's about Bethesda itself, not a clear Fallout theme. Every MMO developer (including those who work in Bethesda itself) Elder Online Scrolls) can tell Fall 76 a team where players will find ways to quickly overcome long-term, group-based challenges. Developers might think something will take months to happen, but you can be sure that the players will get there in a few days, if not hours.

However, more than that, Bethesda discards any meaning enjoyed by the series by making nuclear toys easy to hack. The arrangement has broken down into kitsch; the background can be exchanged with others. It becomes much more difficult to explain the unspeakable horror if the horror is a mid-match activity that can be exploited.

Nuking content

There may be several benefits in this regard. As reported by Polygon's Cass Marshall, a Fall 76 a player named SatelliteJedi tried to solve the Bethesda match final problem himself.

"I am your attack boss, I am your content," he said on a Reddit post, even developing background stories for himself and his accomplice (they are sellers of baby weapons, basically), and designed an attack meeting where his friends would play bodyguards and he will be in the last room as the last boss.

Other players finally just nuked at him.

Players who create their own characters and stories should be the point Fall 76, but the mechanism of the game does not support their efforts in training. "The entire SatelliteJedi system must work around the current PVP system," Marshall wrote, "creating stories even so existing systems, and not because of them. "

This is the case Fall 76 thwarting efforts that are driven by players to give meaning to the desert that is meaningless. The absence of NPCs is intended to focus players on building their own world, the sandbox where they create their own dynamic community, is a bit similar Star Wars Galaxy or Eve Online.

Instead, the game does not need to deter players from trying to do that. So, all we can focus on is glaring deficiency which is displayed everywhere in the game. Lack of stories, lack of meaning, lack of context – and of course, the lack of complete darkness, politically charged humor that initially made Fallout like a popular franchise.

Fight in the War Room

The fear of nuclear fire is global terror that is everywhere during the Cold War, until the fall of the Berlin Wall. The militarism that seeks death which drives this fear, as well as its important layers of ideology, bureaucracy and technology, is ripe for one thing that might have given us the illusion of control over our nightmare: comedy.

Dare to work like Doctor Strangelove sending the absurdity of our atomic rulers. This is a breakthrough that the country needs, from the President who said, "Gentlemen, you can't fight here! This is a War Room! "For an American general who was nervous about" valuable body fluids "to a cowboy a soldier who happily drove a nuclear weapon he dropped on the Soviet base.

End of the film icon, a series of nuclear explosions are set to Vera Lynn's "We’ll Meet Again," in many ways the right tone of Fallout the best: sad to resign, but still deflate the serious Cold Warrior pretensions.

Another example from the same period, "Crawl Out Through the Fallout" by Sheldon Allman from the 1960s Folk Songs for the 21st Century album, enter the playlist Fall 4. With lyrics like "crawling out through the fall, dear / into my loving hand / breaking through the strontium-90 rain" it's funny and serious, once again about the same tone as Fall out the best.

Nuclear is the heart of the Fallout series, which is set in an alternative timeline where the fantastic dream of the early Atomic Era businessman came true, and there are two nuclear reactors in each garage. And, of course, the bomb must be dropped at some point.

Early fall competition set in post-apocalyptic hell, but the point is two: one, that this is an inevitable result of medieval fantasies and, second, a world destroyed by nuclear is not worth saving. Reading the story of this series is to find that even the pre-apocalyptic world is a nightmare like a joke.

We shouldn't want to live on both sides of the Fallout nuclear dividing line.

In other words, the use of atomic power as a toy, as something irresponsible, is one of the main subjects of Fallout satire. It makes fun of it in a ridiculous funny way we abuse our extraordinary technology.

Thus, creating Fallout the game where nuclear is used like so many broken toys is the last nail in the series narrative coffin.

Fall 3Fat Man, named after the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, crossed the line but remained on the right side for a while. That is, effectively, a rocket launcher for mini nuclear. It is absurd and even funny, from concept to form, and is an ideal artifact Fallout a pre-apocalyptic world where rampant and irresponsible militarism can create something so deadly and very stupid.

It was a weapon that showed purpose, but it was also another step towards a series that lost its direction.

The Fat Man carries nuclear weapons into the hands of the players, where once Fallout holds them on a move that is rarely done. They become other weapons with ammunition that you can find almost anywhere.

Nuclear experience is usually the most important thing, treated with some kind of respect – hence worship worshiped them. The nuclear is Fallout An angry god, and you are trampled in the garden at risk.

But now you can launch just one to get rid of the annoying obstacles made by active players. Historically, players must live with the consequences of the old world nuclear agitators. Now invite you to become one. And doing so does not change any consequences; the unthinkable now is just a push button that occurs during a glitchy online game that is used to at least pretend to take these ideas seriously.

Is there a solution for this? Can we have our nuclear and feel sad about them too? I don't know, but Bethesda had to get back in touch with what made this series so interesting in the first place if there was a way forward here, and return nuclear weapons to the place they occupied in the old match.

Moreover, it must be remembered that the game should be about something, and that this franchise has inherited meaning. In a world where nuclear ambition and ingenuity seem to increase once more, we can use Strangelovian's voice again.

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