How Apple Sharing & # 39; New & # 39; The way the iPad Pro can help you become paperless, take notes and much more [VIDEOS]


Apple has released a new video today on their YouTube channel, touting "new ways" to do something with the 2018 iPad Pro model.

IPad Pro a new way

The company said each video was "edited with and made with the iPad Pro," while the video also highlighted third-party applications such as Notability and Anchor.

See the video below:

iPad Pro – A new way to host your own podcast

With the iPad Pro you have everything you need to start your own podcast. Open the Anchor Application, plug in the USB-C mic, start recording, and share with the world.

iPad Pro – A new way to become paperless

iPad Pro gives you a new way to become paperless. Scan your receipt, mark your document and save everything in the cloud.

iPad Pro – A new way to take notes

iPad Pro allows you to make unforgettable notes in a new way. With Notability App, you can write, type, draw and even record it.

iPad Pro – A new way to design your space

iPad Pro gives you a new way to create your perfect space. Sketch your vision with Apple Pencil and use Augmented Reality to shop furniture without leaving home.

iPad Pro – A new way to make presentations

iPad Pro gives you a new way to create dynamic presentations with Keynote, take notes quickly, and share them wirelessly.

Even though the new iPad Pro 2018 model is very good, iOS workflow with Apple Pencil is not for everyone, especially in our case. Click here to read our iPad Pro 2018 review.


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