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Horses reappear near Alta. farming three months after being lost staff, with files from Nahreman Issa from Edmonton CTV

Published Thursday, December 27, 2018, 8:00 PM EST

Three months after Molly, Clydesdale's horse mysteriously disappeared from her cage on a farm in Evansburg, Alta., Near Edmonton, the animal mysteriously reappeared on a neighbor's property on Christmas Eve.

"We were on our way to Calgary to see my daughter for Christmas and a neighbor called and she cried and she said," You have to go back – there is something on my page that you need to see, & # 39; " Molly's owner, Cindy Thomas, told Edmonton CTV. "I don't think I'll see it again."

Where six-year horses have disappeared in September, however, remains a mystery.

"Maybe someone saw him and fell in love with him," said Thomas. "He's in good condition. Someone has it, I'm pretty sure … He's been brushed. He's been prepared. He has a halter on his head from where maybe the dumbbells are rather small they have."

Initially, Thomas was afraid that Molly would be stolen to sell meat. Thomas's next Facebook post about missing animals was distributed thousands of times and the GoFundMe campaign to raise money for cash prizes resulted in more than $ 1,200 in donations before the funds were returned six weeks ago, when Thomas resigned from Molly to leave forever.

"If only he knew how many people were looking for him and how many people wanted him to go home," said Thomas.

Reuniting between horses and owners alike made them cry and happy for Thomas. He called Christmas Eve Molly to return "the best present ever."

"I think he almost wants to rest from me," Thomas said about his horse after the reunion. "He's like," You just need to give me a little personal space. "

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