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He can turn into a giant cat, tear you apart with a saw, and drink your blood for damaging buffs; Kahn's Mortal Kombat 11 total went on strike

Probably the most brutal fighter

We got all new Kombat Kast today and the developer of Mortal Kombat 11 is nothing but showing off the ruling Outworld emperor, Kotal Kahn.

Steve "16bit" Brownback showed off his character as he highlighted and discussed various different techniques while articulating Kahn's general style and approach to play. Very similar to the plan of the game on MKX, Kahn is a initiator and fighter, and feels like a boss character with a normally very strong and big body. Continue for more.

Kotal Kahn seemed to be the best at medium range because his long limbs gave him a fairly high range. Even though he wasn't that fast, he was certainly very successful and seemed to need fewer successful openings than most of the others on the MK11 list so far.

On paper, this character is very scary because it has a variety of tools that help it mostly attack. He also offered a counter-attack technique for overexcited opponents, but he seemed to be in the best position from medium and close range.

One thing is clear, this is one of the most brutal fighters we see because many of its attacks make us feel more nauseous than usual (which actually says something with MK11).

We will start with Fatalitas Pak Kahn where he calls the ancient totem stones that he uses to kill his opponents. As always at Mortal Kombat 11, the victim may have died even before the final blow occurred, but actually it's all about sending that message to the player you are against:

Click the image for the animated version

The first game on display the team saw Kahn's ability to use normal attacks from medium range. His body size means a long limb reaches far enough, and he can turn into some major damage with just a few touches:

He has some old movements back, some with a little tweak. Here are the total counters, sun healers, and disk throws:

The following is a special sword including a saw blade attack and a pound of destroying ground:

Depending on what you choose, Kotal Kahn has access to four different totems. When he placed this, he got a special buff related to damage, stamina, health, and one other trait that was not handled by the team. It can stack up to three totems at once, mix and match them for various effects:

Steve's other variations of habits gave Kahn the ability to turn into a jungle cat during a jump attack. He can only hit, pounce and chew, and even has a throw jump attack. We also see the sun reflector movement here for anti-air and combo purposes:

In the last custom variation we can see the Kotal command reaching where he stabbed the enemy, lifting it above his head, drinking blood from the wound, and then getting a damage buff for a short time afterwards:

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