Greg Hardy admitted he was screwing up, apologizing for an illegal knee at UFC Brooklyn


At the post-war UFC Brooklyn press conference, Greg Hardy did not sound like a man who intended to cheat.

The controversial former NFL star made his UFC debut on the card's main show Saturday night at the Brooklyn Barclays Center against Allen Crowder, and it was impressive for all the wrong reasons.

Hardy was disqualified by referee Dan Miragliotta at the 2:28 mark in the second round of the heavyweight battle due to throwing an illegal knee at the head of his fallen opponent.

Desperate Hardy repeatedly apologized to Crowder for his actions, and said that the incident was a result of lack of experience, not intentional fraud.

"He got up, it was an experience in imitating him, man," said Hardy (3-1), who previously had three pro battles with only a 2:07 ring time. "But I tried to count the time like I had just watched Donald Cowboy Cerrone do it, as I saw everyone do, and I thought that was the right thing to do at that time. And apparently not. I am screwed up. "

Hardy felt as if he was disappointing his team with his actions, and said this was not the kind of battle he wanted to be known as.

"I was built to do this," Hardy said. "I have to do this, man, and I disappoint people today. I disappointed my gym. I let my team down, and you know that? it sucks humans. I don't want him to come out like that. It sucks Allen Crowder's men, for him to come out like that, no matter how he feels about me it's not good, you know. I am fully responsible for this. That's not something I deliberately did. Anyone who has met me, or is near me, knows that is not something I will do. I hope we can go back and enter the third round, friend. "

Hardy had been mocked by the crowd announced 12,152 at the Barclays Center before the fight, possibly because of his controversial past. The American Top Team fighters and former NFL All-Pro were involved in domestic violence incidents in 2014 and were arrested for possession of cocaine in 2016, and their place on the card which also featured victims of recent domestic violence at Rachael Ostovich.

He was ridiculed even harder by the crowd after his knees were illegal, but he said he didn't even notice.

"It's really selfish for me to sit around and talk about ridicule when I've made everyone who traveled half the world to be here with me, friend," Hardy said. "All I can think of is what I said is how I disappoint these people for these people who put their names on the phone for me. That may not mean much to ordinary people, but that means a lot to me, man. "

While his speech in the media was mostly disappointing, he became an opponent when asked about people who saw him as a cheater after an illegal knee.

"Show me one time I cheated on my life," said Hardy. "Show me one of their favorite quarterbacks in history I've tucked in. Go ask Tom Brady if I've cheated when I fired him. I'm not a cheater. It's not in my record, it's not on my resume. Thirty years of life Not even once, never once have you ever asked me and I lied to you, never once did I stand here and you asked a question and I said, "That's not my fault." I was there. I did it. I replied. I'm a grown man. That's my character. "

The UFC president, Dana White, indicated that Hardy would fight again in the UFC, and Hardy hoped this would be an escape from Crowder's fight.

"Allen Crowder, please come back and do this again, if he wants," said Hardy. "If not? I understand."


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