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Google Assistant gets the feature & # 39; Pretty Please & # 39; and much more

Following some friendly family-friendly updates, Google has added new features to Assistant, including & # 39; Pretty Please & # 39; the long-awaited one.

Initially announced in Google I / O 2018, the Pretty Please setting was launched to devices supported by Assistant. This should work for all users who match the sound on the smart speaker, display and telephone.

If you include polite phrases like 'please' and 'thank you' in your question, the Assistant will reply well, thanking you for being polite.

Pretty Please gif

In addition, you can now create a gift list with the Assistant. Use phrases like "Hi Google, create a gift list" or "add opera tickets to my gift list," users can easily create and manage lists. This works for shopping lists and other lists too.

Furthermore, the Keyword Blog confirms that Google is working to add support for third-party list applications, including Any.do, Bring it! and Todoist. The recent dumping of Google applications revealed that the company was working to add this feature.

As previously announced, users will also be able to talk with Santa. Simply say "Hi Google, contact Santa" and sit down when the fun begins. Google will contact the North Pole, and you will be able to help Santa make Christmas Eve.

Finally, the Assistant gets some new reading and singing features together. You can ask the Assistant to read stories to you, including classic holiday events like "Christmas Carol" from Disney "and more.

Or, if you have a Play Music subscription and an Assistant-powered smart screen, you can see the synced lyrics appearing on the screen.

Finally, smart screen owners get some other good features, including support for the Nest Hello video bell, broadcast replies, and sharing Google Photos.

Features appear to be scrolling as part of server-side updates. Some of them may not work for you right away. In my case, calling Santa succeeded, but making a gift guide didn't work. Plus, the Assistant doesn't care if I'm polite or not.

Source: Google Via: The Verge, Android Police

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