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GM star Jim Nill at CEO criticism: & # 39; We all need to be better & # 39;

Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill agreed with the criticism team given by CEO Jim Lites on Friday, but it is not necessarily the method of delivery.

"First of all, the message of hockey by Jim is dead. I think the message must come out there, "Nill said on Sunday, according to NHL.com. "We all have to get better, from management to coaches to players, along the way, we have to get better. So, the message is correct.

"I have spoken with Jim; I do not forgive language or tone. He is emotional; he wears stars in his heart. He becomes emotional, and is understandable so I do not forgive that. But messages sent from him and management are dead and true. I agree with all of it. "

Lites made headlines on Friday when he gave an interview with Athletics criticizing star players Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin for the number of bad offenses so far this season.

"They [expletive] [expletive]"I don't know how to say it," said Lites. "These people signed big contracts because they are the third and sixth top scorers in the National Hockey League for the last five years. They get their money, we hope they will not lose every game we play. And if they are as good as they were in the past we won't have this conversation. "

Nill tried to remain positive when speaking on Sunday, showing that his team had survived well despite losing many players still in the blue line, including John Klingberg, due to injury. But he also added that Stars had high hopes for this season, and their 20-16-3 record, which is currently in the second wild card position at the Western Conference, was not good enough.

"Why this happened? We have 40 matches. Last year we were in this place, our goals tended to be hurt, and that made us playoffs. We will not let it slip this year, "Nill said.

"Part of that is Tyler Seguin, as we sit today, ranked 60th in the league and Jamie Benn is ranked 78th. And I've talked with them. They know that. We talked about it. They know they have to be better, "Nill added." Where would we be if they were in the top 30 in the assessment? Will we have two, three, four more wins? We won't stand here now. That's part of them getting better. They are team leaders. We are looking for them to lead us. With other team members, they have to be better. "

After comments were published, Stars collected a 5-1 win over the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday. Nill saw the victory as a sign of good things to come, and did not worry about any negative consequences of Lites' public criticism.

"This is not the end of the world. We are in a good place. Let's take more," said Nill. "Not satisfied. We got high hopes, which everyone in this league did. Don't get slipped. "

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