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Get Battlefield 5 for sale for $ 30 (Xbox One, PS4)

This was almost a week ago, but the latest shooter EA, Battlefield V, has sold for $ 30 at Target now. This very low selling price applies to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of this game. The deal is only good until Thursday, November 29, so if you are considering taking this WWII shooter, you will definitely want to jump on this deal quickly.

That is not the only Battlefield V agreement that is taking place now. Walmart has a console version of the game that sells for $ 40, while Best Buy has it for $ 42 each on consoles, as well as on PCs. And if you buy a game on any platform from Best Buy, it comes with a free steel case.

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Best Buy also has a deluxe edition at a price of $ 72 (usually $ 80) for PS4 and Xbox One. It's not as big as a discount as a standard edition, but the deluxe edition comes with 20 items of weekly air transport, special assignment missions, and five sets of paratrooper clothes.

Battlefield V is an online shooter that will change and develop in the coming months. It already has a single player campaign called War Stories and a number of multiplayer modes. Between now and March 2019, Electronic Arts will release many free content, including new modes, maps, new Operation Operations missions, and a royale war mode called Firestorm.

In our Battlefield V review, Michael Higham scored the 8/10 game, writing, "The Battlefield series has a winning formula that Battlefield V does not deviate far from, at least for now. Conquest and map lists do not match. However, together, Grand Operations – and other modes in it – stealing attention and growing some of the biggest moments offered by the franchise.You might be surprised by the impact of the few changes made to this entry, especially when you are "Deep in pushing or maintaining goals in Frontlines with teammates who fulfill their role. That's when Battlefield V was in its best condition. "


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