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Game of the Year 2018: # 3 – Marvel & # 39; s Spider-Man

PS4 Spider-Man Game Marvel of the Year # 3

Many things are wrong with Marvel & # 39; s Spider-Man. This very beloved character carries a huge list of hopes from millions of fans, and while the superhero video game career has a moment, there are several titles that make the player a little cold. When you consider the pressure on Insomniac Games to provide a brilliant Spider-Man game, it makes what the studio achieves more impressive. This is one of the most entertaining titles in 2018, and perhaps the best Spidey game to date.

Insomniac works with Marvel and Sony on a game starring the web head sounds like a match made in heaven, and it really happened. The studio destroyed it. Manhattan is very fun to go through thanks to the endless, pleasant swinging of the web, making you feel amazing when you overtake and flick through the horizon. When just switching from A to B in the open world is important, you know you are a winner, and this game rarely, if at all, puts obstacles in your path.

Fighting is also fun to do. Using a mixture of close range, environmental attacks, and gadgets, the battle feels improvised in the best way; there are lots of thugs to beat, but ultimately your choice is how you take advantage of all of Spidey's abilities and equipment. It makes for fast, varied and compulsive battles. This means that, while many side activities involve gang hiding, it's not boring.

However, perhaps the biggest victory is the story and character that is very much realized. Many licensed games have a very clear narrative, but Insomniac tells a truly original story about 23-year-old Peter Parker who is financially troubled, his relationship with Mary-Jane, Aunt May's involvement in FEAST shelter, and brilliant main villain. This is unique among Spider-Man's fictions, and his writing and direction makes him feel at home among Sony's exclusive.

When you add everything together, the amount of love that Insomniac has for his character is as clear as daylight. Even outside of great stories and very fun gameplay, the game is full of references, easter eggs, and details that are the icing on the cake. Each back package contains something interesting – either knowledge or reference to other Spidey fictions – and there must be some nods to other games and films scattered throughout the story. Among alternative clothes, fake social media feeds, and even the ability to amaze five people on the streets, this feels like a game made by fans for fans.

All of Insomniac's efforts clearly paid off, because this was a huge success, both in terms of revenue and sales. This is a great achievement for the studio, because it not only provides stellar action adventures, it secures its position as one of the best developers in the business. This game is confident, brave and fun from the beginning to the end. Of course there are more ambitious games on the PS4, with a bigger open world, or more innovative features, but only a few are really fun like Marvel & # 39; s Spider-Man.

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