Friday , October 22 2021

Game & # 39; Parasite Eve & # 39; New May Be Coming Soon


parasitic night

Square Enix recently submitted a trademark for Parasite Night in Europe, showing that a classic action RPG franchise might make a profit.

For trademarks to be submitted, Square Enix must prove that it has the intention to use the trademark, so we must see something Parasite Night related in the future. What we will see from that, who knows.

For those who don't know: Parasite Night is a series that debuted back in 1998 through Square Enix and through the original PlayStation. The sequel to the novel of the same name written by Hideaki Sena, gave birth to two follow-ups.

Parasite Night is the first notatbly adult-rated game for the company, and the first American and Japnese game development collaboration for companies too.

The series began right during the rise of Japanese horror, which was partly triggered by the book mentioned above. Apart from game adaptations, there are also film adaptations and two manga comics.

Sequel, Eve Parasite II followed a year later in 1999 on the same platform. Then in 2010, the third game in the series, was dubbed 3rd Anniversary, released via PSP. Since 2010, this series has been inactive, but this new trademark shows that it can change immediately.

Parasite Night far from Square Enix's biggest IP, but it has quite large cults, which, as you might expect, are quite happy with the prospect of returning it. And of course, fans also have their own theories about what this trademark means.

Source: Andrew Marmo via Gematsu

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