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Frozen Drizzle Today –


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23 Nov 2018 @ 07:16

Furious drizzle freezing applies to:

Wawa – Pukaskwa Park – White River – Dubreuilville (and other areas on the map to the right)

A frozen misting area is expected or occurring.

Freezing drizzle continues this morning.

The freezing drizzle will end early this morning for the area near the north coast of Lake Superior, and later this morning for areas further inland.

Surfaces such as roads, roads, sidewalks and parking lots can be cold and slippery. Slows down driving in slippery conditions. Pay attention to the rear lights in front and keep the safe distance next.

Misting drizzle freezing is released when drizzle falls at sub-zero temperatures expected to freeze contact, and over time creates the ice surface.

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