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Fox News Contributors Destroyed for Nipsey Hussle, Trump's Comment


Fox News contributors actually advised the President Donald Trump have to sit with the rapper like it's too late Nipsey Hussle, and immediately dragged through the mud.

On Tuesday (May 13), the editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, Lawrence Jones, tried to explain the president's attitude among black voters. Jones, a black man himself, did not only support Trump but he also encouraged the president to take advantage of every opportunity to sit down for conversations with elected rappers to gain the trust of black voters. Jones's first suggestion was the late Nipsey Hussle.

"You know, if Nipsey Hussle is still alive, I would say, the president, talking to Nipsey because he is a person who talks about financial literacy," Jones said. "I don't think the black community wants a president, politicians. I think more blacks want Donald Trump as an entrepreneur. I think that is someone they admire."

"If the president sits with someone like Ice Cube, T.I., or Jay-Z and talks about finances and real problems affecting black America, I think you can see change in voters," Jones added.

Naturally, fans of the deceased rapper were unhappy with Jones for dragging Nip's name into Trump's planned election. As soon as Jones posts a video, Twitter users do nothing because they provide honest feedback.

"That Lawrence Jones Nigga is Bozo," said a Twitter user.

Saran Jones, who also includes Jay-Z and Ice Cube, makes no sense because Nipsey Hussle is featured on YG songs "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)." In his poem, Nip makes his fans know how he really feels about our current POTUS.

"I think all of Donald Trump's nonsense is just a joke," Nipsey knocked on the song 2016. "Know what they say, when rich niggas go bankrupt / Look, Reagan sells coke, Obama sells hope / Donald Trump spends his trust fund for voting You choose Trump, then you will breed with drugs. "

In this report, Jay-Z and Ice Cube have not responded to Jones's suggestion. Watch Jones talk about Black voting in 2020, and look at the reaction below.

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