Fortnite v7.20 Update Patch Content Note – Sneaky Snowman, Vaulted Items, and more


Fortnite v7.20 Content Update is here! As the name suggests, this update aims to add some variations to Fortnite in the form of new and vaulted items.

See the complete Notes Patch below. What do you think about this update, is Fortnite as a whole in the right direction?


A cunning snowman
Was the snowman closer than a second ago? Sneak around the map and surprise the enemy in a very cool new way.

The Block – Omega Pyramid
The block is now a Pyramid! Enter into this large structure created by Directingpete to find the secrets it has in it.



In this limited time mode, players will battle only by using scoped weapons. Hopefully the best goal wins!

What's new?

  • The pressed Sniper rifle has been added.
  • Legendary Scoped Guns have been added to the Drops Supply.

Detail Mode

  • Floor Loot laying down by 50%
  • Revive teammate "Down But Not Out" on the Duos & Squad is disabled – be careful peeking!
  • Profile statistics (K / D & Win) are tracked in this mode


  • A cunning snowman
    • Use Primary Fire to throw a projectile that creates destructive snowmen.
    • Use Secondary Fire to use the Snowman Sneaky.
    • Sneaky Snowman has 100 Health and acts as a shield when worn by players.
    • Sneaky Snowman is destroyed when the Health reaches zero or when the player using the snowman switches to different building items or modes.
      • This means that players who wear Sneaky Snowman cannot build or use other items. All types of movements are allowed.
    • Available in Ordinary variants.
    • Can be found from Llamas Floor Loot, Chests and Supply.
    • Drops in stack 5.
    • Maximum stack size of 10.
  • Change the chance of dropping from Shield Potion and Small Shield Potion.
    • Protect Potions
      • Reduce the possibility of dropping from Loot Floor from 16.53% to 13.22%.
      • Reducing the possibility of drop from Crate from 14.26% to 9.51%.
    • Small Shield Potion
      • Increased chance of drop from Floor Loot from 13.22% to 16.53%.
      • The increase in the likelihood of drop from Crate from 9.51% to 14.26%.
  • Cancel the following items:
    • Rocket Quad Launcher
    • Port-A-fortress
    • Grasper
  • Reducing the possibility of falling gliders.
    • Reducing the likelihood of dropping from a chest from 11.89% to 4.43%.
  • Reduces the possibility of falling balloons.
    • Reduce the likelihood of dropping from the Crate from 7.58% to 3.24%.
  • Reduce the chance of spawn Quad Crashers from 100% to 50%.
  • Reduce the chances of X-4 Stormwings spawning from 80% to 50%.


  • Fixed an issue where the building would cause a large decrease in FPS.


  • Add additional dates for the Pop-Up Explorer Cup.
    • Additional updated material obtained during elimination has now fallen with the players who were eliminated, rather than directly given.


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