Fortnite Island is now covered in snow and zombies


FortniteThe latest mystery finally begins to unravel. Not long ago a floating ball made of ice appeared in the game, making many players wonder what was happening. Now we have answers, sort of: exploding and a mysterious figure in it called Ice King creates a huge storm, which covers the entire island in the snow.

It was a dramatic moment which included a towering ghost appearance appearing around the Pole Peak, which started the storm. In addition to weather changes, there are now ice monsters in the game – called ice demons – which emerge from luminous blue stones scattered throughout the map. New creatures also come with a series of new challenges where players can get winter gear and other bonuses.

Epic developers tease that something big will happen with a countdown that appeared in the game yesterday. It appeared on various TV found on FortniteThe island, and includes the phrase "weather warning," which matches the seven winter season which begins again in December. Then at night the mysterious figure can be seen inside the ball, indicating something big will happen.




Today's program is reminiscent of the strange mysteries that surround it FortniteThe giant purple cube, which was originally born from a thunderstorm in August. It then proceeded to roll on the map, change things as they did, and when Halloween rolled around the pieces of the cube gave birth to a killer monster, introducing the first PvE element to the battle royale mode. Everything ends with the cube disappearing in a dramatic event, just once in November.

When it comes to ball and storm, expect more to happen over the coming weeks and months.


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