Fortnite: Challenges and prizes leaked for Day 8 of the 14-day Fortnite holiday event


Data miners have leaked challenges and prizes will be displayed in eight days from the 14 Days Fortnite holiday event.

Celebration Day 8, which will air on December 26, will present a very simple challenge for players to complete – thanks to the Bus Driver eight times.

Thanking the Bus Driver, of course, means jumping out of the Battle Bus that takes players from Spawn Island to the main Fortnite map at the start of each match.

This means that players must play eight matches and ensure that they jump out of Battle Bus every time to complete the challenge.

Players can then stop and load again to speed up the process, or play each match until they are eliminated or secure Victory Royale. However, to ensure that every match takes into account challenges, players may want to land and be eliminated rather than stop immediately.

As for the prize, players who complete the challenge will receive an exclusive emote called & # 39; Take The Elf. & # 39; Its name is the game on emote & # 39; Take the L & # 39; and perform the same dance, except the character takes out a little fairy instead of doing an L.

An emote video has been leaked by @ShiinaBR, a popular source of Fortnite leaks and information on Twitter.

These challenges and prizes are expected to be aired on December 26 around 06:00 PT / 9:00 ET. Until then, all this must be treated as unofficial information that can be changed at any time before that by Epic Games.

As for the seventh day of the 14 Days of Fortnite event, players must use the Boogie Bomb and the new Presents item is at least a combined seven times, which then unlocks Merry Munchkin's pet.

A complete guide on how to solve this challenge, together with a map to find the most crates, can be found by visiting 14 days Fortnite guide hub.


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