Fish was introduced into a ditch in Old Harbor to help fight dengue fever


KINGSTON, Jamaica – Private electricity producer, Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) today deposited 1,800 tilapia to several trenches recently opened in Old Harbor Bay, St.

The energy company in this afternoon's release said that due to the recent influx of dengue fever related illnesses and deaths in Jamaica, the company had taken the initiative to play a role in the community eradication program.

The company said it had involved the Ministry of Public Health and Aquaculture Branches of the Ministry of Industry, Agriculture and Fisheries to build partnerships for this purpose.

"This will significantly reduce the number of larvae in these waters, the company said, adding that the number of larvae will be carried out in the coming weeks to assess the effectiveness of this" environmentally friendly "approach to reducing reproduction of these vectors," JEP said.

It was stated that last Friday several of its representatives hosted sensitization meetings at the Old Harbor Bay Community Center to raise awareness about the disease and how to prevent and prevent its spread.

The electricity company said it also involved AG-CHEM Company Ltd. which donated 24 bottles of insect repellent, which were distributed at the meeting.


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