Fireball: Meteors when stunning flash across the sky


The amazing moment of a meteor crossing the night sky has been captured on the webcam.

Andy Steven, 54, was on his way home when he saw bright light from space debris passing over it.

It was seen in the Shetland Islands last Friday at 7:28 p.m.

Andy, who is from Edinburgh, is 12 miles from the village of Sumburgh on the southern tip of the archipelago when the spectacle takes place.

Entrepreneurial digital marketers say: ‘I saw it when I drove north in a dark area – it certainly gave me a start.

"A big light shot right across the sky in front of my car's windshield."

The light appeared so close, and gave him fear, he hit the brakes.

Andy, who runs the Shetland Webcam Camera site, said: "I stepped on the brakes of my car, fortunately there was no one behind me."

When he got home, he heard other islanders talk about the meteor online, so he searched through footage from two cameras at Sumburgh airport and cliffs.

He said: ‘I realized after that something entered the Earth's atmosphere. It was very bright and didn't seem too far away.

"I wondered if the camera would pick it up and when I got home I reviewed the recording and placed it online."

Shetland Webcam, founded in 2010, has captured the northern lights and orcas pods but Andy is stunned by the latest recordings. "This is certainly the first time we have caught a fireball," he said.


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