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Features & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; New Year's Eve confuses players because of the time zone

"Fortnite" has become famous for special events in its games, many of which coincide with real-world holidays. So, of course the game has its own ongoing New Year event, complete with balls and fireworks when the clock arrives at midnight.

But "Fortnite" has a global player base with more than 200 million players worldwide; meaning that players in different time zones will see the new year at different times. The creator of "Fortnite", Epic Games, comes with a simple solution, the New Year ball on "Fortnite" will fall at the top of each hour to account for midnight in all 24 time zones around the world.

However, some players who spent the first hours of the New Year's Eve playing "Fortnite" were surprised to see fireworks arrive early for their own time zones. When the ball falls on "Fortnite" the player is forced to dance for a few seconds, making the moment impossible to ignore. Some players rushed to social media to announce that the "Fortnite" New Year celebration had taken place earlier.

An honest mistake to be sure, but the "Fortnite" community has jumped in response to the "initial" event, encouraging responses from Epic Games. One of the founders and Vice President Mark Rein gently rebuked the players who believed that the event had been triggered at the start of the error.

"Don't you really understand how time zones work or do you think your time zone is the only time zone in the world?" Rein tweeted.

Epic spokesmen Nick Chester and Rein both later confirmed that the event will be held every hour to take into account each time zone.

Hopefully, this event will teach how broad the "Fortnite" community stretches, and reminds some people that the Earth revolves around the sun, not around them.

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