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Fans React to Cassie's New Man After Diddy's Posting Photos

It looks like an 11 year relationship between Dizzy and Cassie officially ended. Singers and models seem to have moved and are now dating someone new.

Cassandra revealed her new boyfriend on Instagram on Saturday (December 29). In one photo, Cassie, her mother and the man smile for the camera. The second photo shows Cassie and her partner kissing, solidifying their position. That disclosure is only made bigger by time. Before the photo was posted, Diddy took out Cassie's photo on Instagram along with the letter "I" and heart emoji.

Diddy and Cassie's farewell rumors restarted in October, with singer representatives saying they had been separated for months before becoming public knowledge. They then reported having it reconnected at the time after the death of Kim Porter, the mother of Diddy's children. It sounds like the movement is more showing support than reigniting the fire.

The name of Cassie's new man is Alex Fine. According to his Instagram page, he is a bull rider and health director at a bottled water company called Hemp Hydrate.

Of course, the internet doesn't know how this reveals everything played. See fan reactions to Cassie who posted photos of her new man on social media.

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