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Epic Chaos Continues When Borderlands 3 Will Be Removed From Epic Mega Sale


We have reported the Epic Games Store's first general sales mess since yesterday, with some price changes and games removed from sales, as requested by developers and publishers, such as Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive, and Klei Entertainment. Now Gearbox Software Border 3 which is no longer available for pre-orders, with or without discounts. If you refer to Border 3 The page on the Epic Games Store, you will now see that it only says "Coming Soon," where it was initially available for pre-orders, at least at the time of writing our agreement, for $ 49.99 with a 17% discount.

When contacted, Epic Games representatives said that we had to discuss this issue with the publisher, which was a different response from what we saw in other cases where the game was withdrawn from sales. Developers who have decided to withdraw their game from Epic Mega Sale since the sale began including Paradox Interactive, the first time it was interesting Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, and the game page is no longer available. Klei Entertainment is next, interesting Oxygen Not Included, and the same thing happens on the game page. It is also not possible to browse these games through Epic Games clients.

It seems that it's not a cross-platform problem Border 3 because it is still available for pre-orders on the console.

Our original articles on price fluctuations and withdrawn games have since been updated to reflect statements from publishers and developers. Epic Games also made a very general statement on Twitter this afternoon:

We have contacted Gearbox Games and 2K to provide comments and more information about the reasons Border 3 no longer available for preorder at the Epic Games Store and will be updated when we learn more.

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