Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Enter into … or outside … making Fallout 3

Shesez's Break Boundary Series on YouTube took a very timely subject this weekend: Fallout. When he pushed the fourth wall, fifth, sixth (ad infinitium), Shesez revealed many details that were, rather, non-canonical but if they were in the game, I think they were canonical?

Big disclosure is, of course, what the player's mother looks like. In the story, he died during childbirth, leaving Ol Qui-Gonn as the parent of your rebellious soul in absentia. But Shesez managed to get out into the delivery room, turn on the lights, and find his original appearance. And now I want to go back and play Fall 3 with someone more like him.

Another set of designs that Shesez discovered showed more about how game developers efficiently manage the world they make before moving. I'm happy to see Tranquility Lane – the creeptastic side adventure found in Vault 112 – displayed in full color. Makes sense too. Why do developers take the time to develop an environment with sepia tones, instead of just building something with existing toolkits and palettes and filtering filters on that?

This is an incredible bull-shoot video for a slow weekend, and a reminder of how deep knowledge goes even though what has been criticized as a thin and repeated experience in the last chapter, Fall 76.

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