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‘DISGUSTING & # 39 ;: Bobby Orr fires a good man’ Don Cherry


When he coached the Boston Bruins, Don Cherry always said he wasn't worried because he had Bobby Orr in his chair.

And now, like in the 1970s, on the board and on ice appeared No. 4

"He was fired on Remembrance Day. That's wrong, "said Orr of Cherry who was fired Hockey Night in Canada by Rogers Sportsnet.

"All of this cannot be trusted. Don Cherry is a nice man and doing this to him is disgusting. "

With many of Cherry's friends leaving him, Orr jumps into this fight which could not have happened at a more critical time.

Hockey Hall of Famer told me Toronto Sun that "enough is enough" smearing and choosing an old coach.

"Throwing it under the bus like this is wrong," said the former Boston Bruins was great.

"And for his partners to do it too. Shame on him. "

Like Cherry, Orr was disappointed Coach's Corner co-host Ron MacLean succumbed to the company's pressure to issue an apology that included saying, "Don made painful and prejudiced comments."

This happened after MacLean put his thumb in the air and said, "That's why we love you."

Orr is of the view that Cherry's awkward words are taken out of context and turned against him to destroy them.

"I know what he said. We all know what he said. He said we should buy opium. We all, "said the pride of Parry Sound, who is now the player's representative.

"Don likes our great games. Aside from his family, the most important people in his life are the military, police, firefighters, and paramedics. He is not a fanatic. After 38 years on television, if you haven't found Don Cherry, there's nothing I can do. "

In fact, the legendary defender said that he was an opponent of a fanatic.

"You don't know what he does for people who no one knows," Orr said. "Don is one of the most generous people I have known."

In his hand Coach's Corner commenting about "you people" who "came here" to enjoy our way of life and "milk and honey," Orr said not once did he think it was meant to be racist.

"I know him better than anyone, Joe," Orr said by telephone from Boston.

"Yes, he is my friend. But I have known him for a long time and I know he is not fanatical or racist.

"He is the most honest and generous man there."

And perhaps the most patriotic about Canada.

"Who does more?" Asked Orr.

"He is very kind to veterans, police, firefighters, small hockey players, and fans. They all know what he means and I know what he means. "

Even though there must be a movement that enjoys the fall of Cherry, there are far more hockey fans who understand that this is an unnecessary career and killing effort.

Orr didn't think it would work.

"Don Cherry will be fine," he said.

Many fans tried to return it on Saturday night, and there was a behind-the-scenes discussion by some of the players involved trying to find a way.

But Orr doubted that would happen.

"I can't see the Don wants any part of it," he said.

He also felt the character's murder of Grapes was disgusting.

"I'm worried about Don as a man. His health and well-being. That's why I call a lot. I don't want anything else to happen to him."

And also most hockey people.

"I have never had more calls to anything. Here, in the United States, everyone impeaches the president and there everyone impeaches Don Cherry, "said Orr." Hockey players love Don. And they respect him. "

As well as Coach's Corner the hearing, said Orr.

"Is there all the talk about who will replace Don Cherry?" Said Orr.

"You don't replace Don Cherry. There is only one Don Cherry."

The fact that the establishment encourages it because it encourages people to use poppies is "discouraging and disappointing."

All of that, Orr said, was unnecessary.

"And that's clearly not fair."

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