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Did Zayn & Gigi Hadid Disconnect Again? All the instructions they give – Hollywood Life

Uh oh! It seems like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik may have separated again. We have all the signs claimed by fans leading to another breakup.

Holidays are a time to celebrate loved ones, however Gigi Hadid, 23, doesn't seem to show affection to the boyfriend again and again Zayn Malik. This 26-year-old singer does not make it easier for fans to determine whether the couple is together or not, because he does not follow supermodels and has not shared his post on Instagram. But Gigi marks the Christmas holiday, sharing a setback that is adorable on December 25 he and sis Bella, 22, when children sit on Santa's lap with an amazing mother Yolanda Foster protective stand next to them. "May everyone celebrate a very merry Christmas," Gigi told 45 million IG followers. But where is Zayn?

There was once a point where Gigi starred in her husband's sexy music video and they posed together for the cover Mode. But he hasn't appeared on social media since October 21, when the Victoria model's Secret shared a selfie that was held next to a shirtless man with his eyes closed and a satisfied smile on his face. "Flying home to my happy place," he said to the photo, but it was more than two months ago.

On December 27, a shaved-headed Zayn appeared playing on Instagram photos with his cousin Jawaad ​​Saeed. His relatives gave a faint writing: "Through the best and the worst, take a bullet for you. Stay happy, my brother. "It was a fan of worry, which flooded his comments by worrying about the former One Way star. "Is she alright ?? Two consecutive posts from relatives gave me the feeling that something was wrong … And this text really worries me … Please tell us that she is fine and fine- okay … "a fan asked Jawaad ​​while the others begged," Please tell us if Zayn is okay? ? We are worried and please tell him we love him very much. "Others added," I am worried , What happened ??? "

If something happens with Zayn, Gigi doesn't let it. The day before Gigi posted another setback, this one was for his picture in the back seat of the car during Milan's fashion week in a dramatic black dress with a beautiful face on a red light. "A setback for Milano, but it's very vacation," he said on the IG picture December 26. Again, there is still no mention of Zayn. The two heavens have not been seen together since he was photographed leaving his apartment on October 5.

Then Gigi seemed to instruct fans that something happened on December 14 when he retweeted a secret message from Kehlani which reads "I am not indebted to you. I don't owe any information about me outside of what I choose to know. I don't owe you anything when I'm weak. I don't owe you an answer just because you ask. "In other words, he won't talk about Zayn until he feels like that.

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