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Dallas Cowboys: 5 thoughts from the Cowboys victory: Amari Cooper gave a much-needed violation of the breakout game; final record prediction


ARLINGTON – The Dallas Cowboys are in first place in East NFC. Three weeks ago, not many thought that sentence would be written this season.

Here is my opinion of the 31-23 Cowboys victory over Washington on Thursday at AT & T Stadium, the third win in a row in Dallas:

1 So, about that Amari Cooper trade. Recipients of the Dallas star trading pick the first round for last month made their biggest contribution to Washington. Cooper has seven catches for 176 yards and two goals in the first three quarters. He finished with eight catches of 180 yards. The Redskins never doubled it, so Dak Prescott made a profit. Dallas crime really needs this escape performance. The points were obviously very important, but the big drama Cooper also gave a spark to the team's emotions in what was a long enough game to the point of its third breakout. After capturing only three passes in Atlanta, Cooper started with a hot start. The first three catches all come in third downs and all take the first down. The most popular Thursday at AT & T Stadium: COOOOOOOOOP !!!!

"It took a lot of attention from me," Ezekiel Elliott said of the explosive elements Cooper brought. "And I like it. It will loosen the box. Hey, I'm glad we got it."

2 DeMarcus Lawrence said it was only a turnover that kept the Cowboys defense from the elite. He said Wednesday that the defense was not enough to get the ball back. Lawrence did his part in the third quarter, knocking out Colt McCoy's pass and then intercepting it. The drama helped Dallas control all momentum. Xavier Woods then added another interception at the end of the fourth round. Anthony Brown started everything with his first interception this season at the end of the first quarter. If the takeaway continues, there's no reason why Dallas won't win a bad division.

"It's strange because I think we might have had four interceptions cut off in the past two weeks, so that could be a couple again," Elliott said of the defense effort. "But the defense, they must have come out and they stepped big and took the ball. And we needed it."

3 Dak Prescott has one of his best days for a while. He made some great plays with his legs. He passed for two goals and ran for another. He was thrown into the Salvation Army red kettle by Elliott. But, still, the best thing he does is not turning the ball. The Cowboys are now 23-1 when Prescott doesn't turn it over.

"When you do that, you give yourself a chance to win the match, especially with the defense we have," Prescott said. "They will stop the team and give us plenty of opportunities. … Even ending our drive with a good field position kick, we give ourselves a chance to win."

4. Elliott rushed 15 times for 33 meters in last month's loss in Washington. In the first quarter of Thursday: 7 carries, 41 yards, one touchdown. He is the catalyst to get started quickly. He was the reason so many were angry when Dallas didn't give him the ball once the next time they faced first and a goal from 4. Everything took care of itself in the second half, though. For the third consecutive match, Elliott rushed over 120 yards. That's a great thing for the Cowboys. They were at their best when Elliott dominated. That was proven in 2016. It looks like we can see something similar when we start again.

"He made a lot of things easy," said striker Cameron Fleming from Elliott. "He's a physical runner. He'll go up there and give you some positive posts even if the blocking isn't good. You know if the blocking is great, he'll pour it out."

5. Now at 6-5, let's re-evaluate the Cowboys schedule. There are five matches left. I still think it's impossible for them to defeat the Saints next week. New Orleans is arguably the best team in the league. But the last four matches can be won. Philly has struggled. Indy plays very well; The Colts were on a four-match winning streak. Then Tampa Bay and New York Giants, a pair of 3-7 clubs. I survived with 9-7. I think 10 wins definitely win the division, but nine times is enough.

Cooper was asked after the match how well the Cowboys offense could be with him, Prescott and Elliott played as they did Thursday.

"I think the sky is the limit," he said. "Obviously we have to wait and see. But Dak is a great player. Zeke is a great player. Who knows?"

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