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Cel Celeste Developer ’Canceling their New Metroidvania Game‘ Skytorn ’- Variety

The team behind the critically acclaimed indie platformer "Celeste" canceled another project, a procedurally generated Metroidvania called "Skytorn," developer Noel Berry said in a blog post on Saturday.

"We will no longer complete the‘ Skytorn, "he said. "I'm really sorry for those of you who are happy with this game. We also. We devoted a lot of time, energy, and heart to the project and we were really sad that we would never see the commercial release we hoped for.

Berry quit college to become a full-time indie developer in 2012 and said he had gone through many ideas before finally choosing "Skytorn." However, he and his team put aside the project once they began working on "Celeste" in 2016.

"I think that in January 2017 the team sat down and decided we would spend two or three months full time at Celeste and put Skytorn on the back burner," he said. "Of course, & # 39; Celeste & # 39; finally spent a full year since then, and the development of 'Skytorn & # 39; completely stopped. When & # 39; Celeste development & # 39; and post-release work finally slowed down in May 2018, we were faced with a difficult decision to reprocess & # 39; Skytorn & # 39; to the point, or start working on something new, by taking all these lessons. "

In the end, "‘ Skytorn ’never knew what it was," Berry said. Because there is no permadeath, procedurally generated elements conflict with the Metroidvania. Stories and developments become more linear. It's broken at the core, he said, and fixing it all will require a lot of work. The team decided to do something new.

"As we all love & # 39; Skytorn & # 39; and how much it means to us over the past few years, we are passionate about new things and new projects," Berry said. "I'm fine saying it's an amazing learning experience, and we will take all these lessons to our next project."

Berry said the "Celeste" team remained united and worked on something new, but was not ready to talk about it. This will share further details in 2019.

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