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2019 will be an extraordinary year for Marvel. Not only will Avengers fight back Thanos at The end of the game and Spider-Man found himself Far from home in the summer – but before all that, we will be introduced to the most powerful creature MCU has ever known: Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. RoomBrie Larson is ready to act as a former human fighter pilot who was ultimately inspired by the cosmic power and alien heritage of Kree – intergalactic races involved in ongoing warfare with Skrulls changing its form. This is a conflict that made Danvers under the leadership of Jude Law Mar-Vell in a military unit called Starforce.

Empire have an exclusive one Captain Marvel images, as seen in the new Ultimate 2019 Preview edition, show Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers in moments of collaboration. Or have an arm wrestling in the air, you decide.

Captain Marvel - exclusive

Read more about Captain Marvel in the February 2019 edition Empire, which hits the newsstand on December 27 – and remains set for the March issue of large displays Captain Marvel exclusive.

Empire - February 2019

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