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Sixty percent of Canadians now feel that the capacity of the country's oil pipeline has reached crisis levels, according to a new survey from the Angus Reed Institute.

Takeaway pipeline capacity has bitten Canada's oil revenues because the benchmark Canada Canada Select prices continue to trade at uncomfortable discounts.

An amazing 70 percent of all Canadians report that the country will do it "Facing a considerable impact if there is no new pipeline capacity built," new survey shows. And it's not just residents of the oil-rich Alberta province of Canada who consider the pipeline to hamper the national crisis; even in British Columbia, a province that is generally known for its strong environmental presence, 53 percent of the population feels it is a crisis. That's low compared to the large majority – 87 percent – Alberta residents who feel that.

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The survey also reported that overall, residents felt that the oil and gas industry was the most important industry for the country.

The majority (53 percent) of the population surveyed supported both the Trans Mountain and Energy East lines, while 19 percent opposed the two pipelines. About 61 percent of respondents supported Trans Mountain.

Regarding the government's handling of the pipeline problem, 50 percent of those surveyed felt that the federal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, did too little to build new piping capacity, while 23 percent felt the federal government had the right approach. 27 percent felt the federal government had stepped over.

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While most provinces, with the exception of Quebec outliers, appear to have the same view of the pipeline crisis, there are age differences. 62 percent of respondents 55 and older support both pipelines, while only 55 percent of those between the ages of 35-54 support both. Only 38 percent of respondents aged between 18 and 34 who support both, highlight differences between generations.

Polls show that assistance is increasing for the much-debated Trans Mountain pipeline, with the April 2018 poll reporting 55 percent of those supported by Trans Mountain. In February 2018, the same poll only showed a 49 percent approval rating for Trans Mountain.

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