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Treyarch has released a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update and although not as wide as the v1.11 update last week, it contains a few extras that will make fans happy to see it.

Black Ops 4 has received fairly regular updates since it was released in October 2018 and it looks like this week is no different from the January 22 Game Settings Update.

At the forefront of this update is the release of the new new Event Event for PlayStation 4 owners which displays the return of the famous weapon from Black Ops 2.

First leaked through game files in the PC Black Ops 4 version, Kap-45 is now official and available for PS4 players with the Barbarian Special Event Stream.

A fully automatic pistol will be one that players will try and get as fast as possible to find out if it's like its predecessor, the Kap-40 from Black Ops 2.

However, this is not updated by the new update, because there is a new playlist featured for Multiplayer, Chaos Domination.

Chaos Domination will give players a new way to experience popular modes with new rules:

  • The retrieval time per goal is reduced to 3 seconds
  • The score limit per round increases to 150
  • The winning score limit increased to 300

Last but not least, Treyarch also added a Black Ops Pass map to all playlists after having to delete it last week because of a problem found.

You can read the complete patch notes for the January 22 update below:

January 22 Update: Barbarian Special Events (PS4), Gauntlets and New Elixir in Zombies (Xbox One / PC), Down But Not Exit Tomorrow (Xbox One / PC), Repair Outage Looting (PS4 / Xbox One)

We piled up the loot with the flow of the four-week Special Event on the Dark Market! Launched today on PS4, the Barbarian Event added 25 new levels of spoils under existing ones Absolute Zero Operation streaming, so players can get twice as much booty per Tier as they normally do. Unlockable prizes include new clothes, movements, call cards, new Camo Reactive for LMG Hades, and our latest useful weapons, KAP 45 automatic pistol.

MP Playlist Options Our selection is updated today with Domination Chaos took the top position, along with the Moshpit Tactical Team, Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, and Mercenary Capture Moshpit in the Featured category. We also add Elevation and Madagascar back to rotation for Black Ops Pass holders in standard and Hardcore playlists.

In Zombies, Gloves and New Epic Elixir arrived on the Xbox One and PC today! Players can face 30 rounds of crazy challenges on "Unsinkable", and last longer against undead with new ones Perk Up, Refresh Mint, and Conflagration Liquidation Elixir. As a reminder, we will also test a few bundles of fresh Potions at the Zombies Laboratory over the next few weeks – watch for new combinations and let us know what you think.

And during the Free Trial, our outages continue on all platforms, Down But Not Out starting on Xbox One and PC tomorrow at 10 am PT! Be prepared to jump in as a team and return with each one. Close as long as one of your teammates survives. We have also implemented new improvements to the looting interface on the console to help players crash into Stash and prevent the d-pad from jamming while searching for Stash.

This is what's new since our last update:

  • Barbarian The Special Events flow in Pasar Hitam includes the KAP 45 (PS4) full-auto pistol.
  • New Gauntlets and Epic Elixirs on Zombies (Xbox One / PC).
  • Chaos Domination was added as the MP Superior Playlist.
  • Moshpit Tactical Team, Moshpit Mercenary Deathmatch, Moshpit Harden Mercenary, and Moshpit The capture of Mercenary was added to the Featured MP category.
  • Elevation and Madagascar are back in MP map rotation for Black Ops Pass holders.
  • Stash looting fixes the interface in Blackout (console).
  • Various gameplay improvements and damage repairs in MP, Blackout, and Zombies.

The following updates are aired today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC:

  • Featured Playlist
    • Domination Chaos added as a Superior Playlist.
      • Zone capture time of 3 seconds.
      • The round score limit increases from 100 to 150.
      • The game score limit increases from 200 to 300.
      • 6v6 (up to 12 players).
    • Moshpit Tactical Team, Moshpit Mercenary Deathmatch, Moshpit Harden Mercenary, and Moshpit The capture of Mercenary was added to the Featured category.
  • Map
    • Elevation and Madagascar are added back to the usual Core and Hardcore map rotations for Black Ops Pass holders.
  • Specialist
    • Fall down
      • Resolved an issue with a player who was unable to obtain ammunition from Crash & # 39; s Assault Pack after dying.
  • Stability
    • Implement various damage repairs.
  • Etc
    • Closes an exploit that allows players to get full equipment load by switching classes.
  • Stability
    • Repairing a collision that can occur when a player has Mule Kick from using Perk Up Elixir when completing round 14 on "Unsinkable".
  • Etc
    • Secret
      • Closed exploitation that allows players to jump to various areas that can be exploited.

Updates following the first live on PS4:

  • Special event
    • Barbarian Special Events added to the Black Market.
    • 25 new levels of loot to get, available at the Special Events stream below what is available Absolute Zero OperationFlow.
    • Prizes include new Clothes, Moves, Call Cards, Camo Reactive, and KAP 45 automatic pistol.

The following updates are now directly on the Xbox One and PC:

  • Gloves
    • "Unsinkable"Gauntlet lives in The journey of despair.
    • 30 rounds of challenges with unique rules for each round.
    • Players get medals and tiered prizes to complete rounds 10, 20 and 30, and additional prizes for completing round 30 without failing the round.
    • The player issues a Strike with a failed round, with the game ending after three Strikes.
    • All matches are given a time limit for competitive fast running support.
  • New Elixir
    • Perk Up (Epic): Get 4 additional random Perks that are not in your loadout.
    • Refresh Mint (Epic): Refresh cooldown for Special Equipment, Perks and Weapons for your entire team.
    • Epic Fluid Liquidation: Turn on the power-up of the Sales Fire Truck.

The following update is now displayed on the console:

  • Looting interface (console)
    • Troubleshooting where players can lose the ability to use a directional pad to scroll to an item until it closes and reopens Stash.
    • Troubleshooting where players can lose the ability to change tabs after retrieving items from Stash.
  • Stability
    • Fixes rare crashes that can occur when interacting with items and Stash.


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