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Bethesda offers essay criteria for invoking the Fallout 76 ban

Bethesda recently issued a wave of bans on Fallout 76, seeing players using cheat and mod programs locked from their accounts. All of these players have received e-mails notifying their ban, which ends with criteria for essays that allow them to begin the appeals process.

A suspected e-mail from Bethesda Support was opened by notifying users that "their account has violated the code of ethics and terms of service. The account was detected running third-party applications, which provide unfair game profits when it enters Fallout 76."

According to YouTuber JuiceHead, members of Fallout Reddit have complained that they have been unfairly banned, and that email should not explain much of the reason. Trying to get to the bottom of the problem, JuiceHead with community help determined that it could be the use of Reshade, a popular mod that is often used to modify the game's visuals, but can also be used to duplicate items, mods or Fallout 76 potentially scanning background files to reveal possibilities Malicious software, such as cheatEngine.

This was a very strange scenario for Bethesda, who had previously relied heavily on modifications to extend interest in open-world games. Although this particular user might not get the wind, Bethesda spent some time before the release of Fallout 76 explaining that mods in any form would only be permitted when private servers finally made their way into the game.

Fortunately, Bethesda Support has offered a new method of appeal if an affected user decides to play again:

"If you want to appeal the closing of this account, we will be willing to accept an essay about‘ Why the use of third party fraudulent software is detrimental to the online game community, "to our management team for review."

Having three separate people send exactly the same words, JuiceHead believes the email is real even though it criticizes the small sample size. Bethesda has not verified the validity of the e-mail sent, but it is not out of character for the company to send something secretly to order violators.

KitGuru Says: Although Reshade and mod are common in the previous Bethesda game, the multi-player nature of Fallout 76 must be taken into account before running anything in the background. Are you sure you have been banned the wrong way?

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