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Backlash begins when the deadly world of the Duchess of Sussex


Literally, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's honeymoon period are over, but also, the honeymoon period is the world and, in particular, the British public has with the Duchess of Sussex officially ended.

Enter: A new era of media coverage


That's inevitable, right? Meghan was beautiful, accomplished, good at talking and she won the most qualified undergraduate degree in all of England. At some point, people will want something to complain about. And for the past week the British press has done that, buzzing with reports of Meghan's "difficult" attitude.

It began with The Sun, who reported on November 9 that the Queen had to have loud words with her granddaughter on the eve of the royal wedding after she and Meghan were annoyed that she could not use the tiara she had originally chosen from the royal treasury. (According to reports, Meghan wanted to use emerald-studded tiara, but because the origin was unknown, the royal family refused).

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"There was a very hot exchange that prompted the Queen to talk to Harry," Sun reported. "He said," Meghan can't have anything he wants. He got the tiara what he gave from me. & # 39; … The message from the Queen was greatly needed by Meghan to think about how she talked to staff members and was careful to follow the family protocol. "

Tabloid rumors here in England have been supported by mere centrifugal forces from reports of this explosion. The Daily Mail cites "people in the kingdom" – old chestnuts – which reveal that Meghan's work ethic, which includes five o'clock starts rain, hail or shine and moving energy which causes him to be called "Hurricane Meghan", causing ripples in the royal family. According to this insider, he sent six or seven members of his staff every day with ideas for initiatives.


Then news emerged that Meghan's personal assistant had resigned "suddenly" after only six months of work. Other resignations on the Kensington Palace team included Samantha Cohen, Duke and Duchess of Sussex personal secretary, Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry's personal secretary and Kensington Palace senior communications secretary Katrina McKeever, who left the team in September.

Staff reshuffle pushed up the column at the end of last week The Sunday Telegraph about "how to talk to staff". (England! I like it very much.) "A few months ago I was told about the Duchess of Sussex and the tights," wrote columnist Sophia Money-Coutts. "A staff member at Kensington Palace apparently suggested they buy tights from Marks & Spencer, but he allegedly insisted on getting them from Wolford which was sold more. The expression 'garbage patch' is said to be used in reference to M & S, but that non-duchessy expression might be excessive … "


And they are being sharpened when we speak.

I'm not surprised that this reaction has erupted so spectacularly. I have read Tina Brown's biography about Princess Diana,The Diana Chronicles, for the first time recently, and the way Meghan is talking about now reflects the way people talk about Diana and, later, Fergie immediately after their second royal marriage.

Both Diana and Fergie had staff members in their household stopped abruptly and the narratives around them, especially Diana in those early days, were one of the "difficult" women who wanted the spotlight to illuminate them.

Sounds familiar? Meghan has to bear the same backchat and gossip, thanks largely to the fact that she woke up early (good for her), likes to send text messages (she knows how to communicate) and that she has ideas and – horror! – opinions about what he wants to do with the privileges and enormous responsibility for his new career.

There are some who say that there is no smoke without fire when it comes to celebrity rumors. Of course, there might be a basic level of fact in all of Meghan Markle's gossip. I have no doubt that he woke up at 5am, that he sent a message to his staff and he had an opinion about his work. He sounds like most of my friends who are ambitious and driven in the upheaval of new roles. I wish I had the kind of work ethic, frankly.


This kind of behavior in itself is not a problem. That is how this behavior is felt by the so-called "people in the kingdom" and who these alleged sources ultimately represent in the royal family. For people in this kingdom, maybe Hurricane Meghan is really a frightening prospect. Maybe, for them, this reaction can't come soon.

Not me. It is important to remember that Meghan is not a socialist aristocratic group or a champagne money bubble about the city. She is a 37-year-old woman who has lived a full and independent life to this day. He already had a satisfying career, he honed his sense of social justice, he formed opinions about himself and his tastes, he was loved and lost. In short, he is a modern woman who up to now lives a life that is quite good with herself. A life that is not much different, however, in broad terms, from what you or I have. He knows who he is and he is not afraid to be vocal about it.

And if that is what people call "difficult", then I think that says more about them, then it's about Meghan.

This article originally appeared in Whimn and has been republished with permission.

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