Australian man dies eight years after eating slugs in bravery, Australia / NZ News & Top Stories


An Australian man died last Friday (November 2), eight years after he ate snails on courage which left him paralyzed after awakening from a point of 420 days.

In 2010, Mr. Sam Ballard was drinking wine with his friends when they dared to eat slugs crawling on his terrace.

Snails eaten by Mr. Ballard, 19, infected with parasitic worms found in rodents that can be transmitted to snails, reports CNN.

Days after swallowing a snail, he began to feel nauseous and suffered severe pain in his legs. He told his mother, Katie Ballard, that he ate slugs and his mother replied: "No, no one has fallen ill because of it."

The worm caused Mr. Ballard to develop lungworm rat disease.

According to CNN, humans can get infected with this disease if they eat raw food or raw or undercooked vegetables with infected snails or snails that have not been washed.

Drinks can also be contaminated with worms if left open for snails and slugs to enter.

This disease originates from mice when the parasites enter their lungs and are then excreted in their faeces. Animals such as snails, snails, freshwater crabs, shrimp, shrimp or frogs, which feed directly on rat feces or are infected by worms, will carry parasites.

The Australian health authorities website states that infections are very rare and most people recover completely without treatment. But, sometimes, as in Mr. Ballard's case, infection can be fatal.


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