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Atlus Menggoda Persona 5 R, Other New Projects

Atlus officially teased Persona 5 R, which many believe is an advanced release of Persona 5.

The title was revealed through a short video after a special broadcast on the animation Persona Dark Sun … in Japan. The words "Persona 5 R" have never been shown, even though the official website with the name has been attached to the video, showing the upcoming titles will include this new letter.

Teaser displays the Shibuya district of Tokyo, the main location on P5, with the screen showing the P5 icon, followed by the message "New Project" and "2019.3." The description of this video clarifies that new information about this title will come in March 2019. It is not clear whether the "New Project" referred to in the trailer solely includes the P5R or also involves unannounced spin-off games, such as the Persona 5 fighting game similar to Persona 4 Arena.

Previous Persona games have improved releases that introduce new content, including Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden. P3FES includes epilogs that can be played to the original game along with various other updates, and P4G brings the PlayStation 2 game to the PlayStation Vita along with new Social Links and various additions to the story.

The video starts with the PlayStation intro, which suggests the game will be released at least for the PlayStation 4. Many fans suspect that the P5R will also come to the Nintendo Switch, given the P5 protagonist, Joker, was announced as the first paid DLC fighter to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the 2018 Game Awards. However, this inclusion does not guarantee the P5R will come to the Switch, because the Joker also appears in Persona Q2, which was released on 3DS in Japan.

Some Smash Bros fighters, such as Cloud Strife specifically for previous DLCs, have appeared in Smash games without their main title appearing on the Nintendo platform – however, Final Fantasy VII will come to the Switch next year. Although there is a Persona spin-off on the Nintendo console and Xbox, each major Persona line has been released for the PlayStation console, with P5 released on PS3 and PS4.

Early last year, various Persona 5 spinoffs were signaled by the registration of the new Atlus website, with P5R among them. Another domain currently registered is, which later became the official website of Persona Q2.

For more about Persona 5, see our review of the game, which we call "Extraordinary" which says "A beautiful, vibrant world and a charming story makes Persona 5 the new gold standard for Japanese RPGs."

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