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Assassin's Creed comes to Monster Hunter: World in a cunning new event

Following its release which was very popular earlier this year, Capcom's Monster Hunter: World closes 2018 with another crossover event. While this limited event is usually announced long before, the latest arrives as a search that seems to slip into the game this week. The right debut, right now around Monster Hunter the players start dressing up like Assassin's Creed.

If the player handles a new search, nicknamed "SDF: Silent, Deadly, Fierce," they will be able to put on a display Assassin's Creed hero Bayek and Ezio Auditore. This quest is a little shorter than a few Monster Hunter: WorldPrevious events, but it's not easy. The hunter must defeat the three biggest game creatures in a special arena: Odogaron, Deviljho, and Lunastra.

If successful, the player will get a special item called Senu Feather. Each of them Assassin's Creed the set gear will cost two feathers, meaning the arena must be cleaned at least four times to get everything. Like some of the armor of the previous crossover, Bayek Layered Armor has no statistics and only cosmetics, but Assassin's Hood has a hidden effect: "Increases movement speed and allows you to hide faster. Last until you give damage to monsters that are caught unconscious. "

That Assassin's Creed the program immediately aired Monster Hunter: World from now until January 10. The previous crossover has been displayed Final Fantasy and Sony Horizon: Zero Dawnand Capcom's Satan might cry, Street Fighter, and even Mega Man. The next event has been revealed to features The witchEral Geralt of Rivia, meanwhile Monster Hunter: WorldFirst expansion, Iceborne, will arrive around fall 2019.


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