Ariana Grande Accused of Copying Other Artists with New Songs' 7 Rings & # 39;


Ariana Grande's music video ering 7 Ringing & # 39; | Youtube

Ariana Grande seems to be criticized for imitating other artists.

This singer has just released the single "7 Rings" & # 39; well-anticipated and even though the song received a lot of positive criticism, many noticed that the song sounded foreign.

Could Ariana Grande be guilty of copying lyrics from someone else?

Nokia's daughter made the first charge

Many of us have heard singles from 7 Ariana Grande now.

The song was released on Friday and has since collected 28 million views on YouTube. Many can easily tell Grande to add updated riffs to "My Favorite Things," from hit movies Music sound.

This song is a happy memory of all of Ariana Grande's successes over the years and she wants to buy expensive items for her and her friends.

Fans love song messages and fall in love with feminine visuals throughout the video.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes the song and many have decided to show why they believe Ariana Grande is guilty of copying lyrics from other artists.

New York rapper, Princess Nokia, is the first to show how familiar the lyrics are in the sound of Grande's new song.

The rapper went to Instagram to question what he believed was more than a coincidence.

In Instagram videos, which are known to be deleted, Princess Nokia looks to listen for a few seconds & # 39; 7 Ringing & # 39 ;. After that, the rapper lit a few seconds of the song 'Mine' & # 39 ;, the song from him 1992 mixtape was released in 2017.

In Ring Ringer 7, Ariana Grande sings, "My wrist, stop watching, 'my neck is threaded / Make a big deposit, my glow is poppin' / Do you like my hair? Gosh, thank you, just bought it / I saw it, I like it, I want it, I understand [Yeah]"

Whereas the lyrics on Princess Nokia & # 39; Mine & # 39; is, "Rock my many styles then become natural for the summer / Hair blowing in the Hummer / Flip the weave, I'm more beautiful / This is mine, I bought it / It's mine, I bought it"

After listening to the two songs, Princess Nokia asked fans, "Does that sound familiar to you? Because that sounds very familiar to me. Isn't that the little song I made about brown women and their hair? Hmm. It sounds white. "

Although some of the lyrics are similar to Princess Nokia, this song discusses the many difficulties Ariana Grande faced in 2018.

Not only that but Grande also paid homage to six girlfriends who made it through difficult times with a suitable Tiffany ring.

& # 39; 7 Ring & # 39; remind people of Soulja Boy songs

Ariana Grande is not only called to copy the lyrics of Princess Nokia, but many also accuse 'Ringing' & # 39; sounds a lot like the Soulja Boy 2010 hit "Pretty Boy Swag".

Soulja Boy posted homemade videos from news outlets comparing two songs that made a lot of wonder whether Ariana Grande put her own twist on the 2010 hit?

See for yourself:

Even though Soulja Boy only wrote "Arianaaaa ?????? Ariana?! ", many cannot speculate if this coincidence is intentional.

Ariana Grande hasn't commented yet

There is no official word from Ariana Grande or her team about the allegations.

Since the song was released yesterday, many people are still looking for similarities.

If you still don't have the opportunity to listen to '7 Ringers', here's the video:


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