Are more Canadians than Zamboni people in the trenches?


The Zamboni owner who was the subject of many photos shared on social media on Monday said the machine was still functioning after strong winds pushed it into the trench overnight.

Jake Ross from Lower Burlington, N.S., said the ice sheet machine was in front of his house decorated with Christmas lights before ending in a ditch around "500 or 600 feet" from his home.

"Who would have thought the hurricane was so bad that it would fly Zamboni across the field?" Ross told CBC News.

Sunday and last night until Monday, a wet and wild winter storm hit the province, bringing strong winds, freezing rain, blowing snow and lots of ice.

Jake Ross, owner of Zamboni, decorated it with string lights for Christmas. (Posted by Jake Ross)

On Monday morning, Ajay Henderson drove a car on New Cheverie Road with a colleague from GFL Environment when the fugitive Zamboni caught his eye.

"This is just one of those things that once you see it, you can't ignore it," Henderson said.

Henderson took photos of the scenery and posted it on Facebook.

"Of course I have to see it, like, that is the most thing Canada – a Zamboni in a ditch. There is no hockey arena in sight," Henderson said.

From there it spread quickly.

The photo even caught the attention of American comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who shared it with five million followers with the words: "You in Canada certainly know how to party …"

With the help of a friend, Ross was able to pull Zamboni out of the ditch after working on Monday.

He said he had Zamboni for a while and planned to modify it for other uses in the future. For the past few years, he has it in his yard with string lights attached to it to make Christmas decorations.

"People get it," Ross said.

He says he is happy Zamboni doesn't hit anyone and people can find humor in that situation.

"I think it's very good. You know, it's always good to hear something good on the news and share it around, so I can't complain like that," Ross said.


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