It was Saturday night when LSU watered coach Ed Orgeron with Gatorade, and Sunday morning when the Tigers lost, seven times overtimes and a combined 91 points later.

Texas A & M 74, LSU 72 – in football, not basketball, and you know it will take LSU's mediocre violations all seven times to get there. The game is very long … yeah, how long? Well, Texas A & M is at the Big 12 Conference when the game starts. It's been a long time … fortunately the Aggies didn't pay Jimbo Fisher per hour.

It was 31-24 with only a few seconds left when the Tiger dropped a few dozen gallons of sugar at Orgeron's head, and the LSU head coach wore sticky liquid for the next hour as a reminder of how close his team had come to locking the place in the Six New Year's bowl. But A & M quarterback Kellen Mond threw a 19-yard touchdown strike as time ended to force overtime. Then …

The target of the LSU field is to make it 34-31. A & M binds it, 34-34. Second overtime. Mond's touchdown is run. LSU touchdown is run. Third overtime. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow threw a touchdown and the Tigers made a two-point conversion. A & M replied to make it 49-49. LSU fans ask each other: Excuse me, what happened here?

Match field targets to knot scores at 52-52. Break water. The five overtime starts with a trick game: Orgeron and LSU spend half a round to make it 58-52 but miss the conversion. Don't worry – A & M is obliged to score but fails to make two points. That's 66-58, then 66-66. LSU opens the seventh and final overtime with touchdown, so 72-66. Mond will then throw another touchdown pass, the fourth in the extension of play time and sixth overall, to tie the game at 72-72. Mond will then find Kendrick Rogers receiver for the winning game conversion. Final: 74-72.

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This is the highest scoring game in the history of the Football Bowl Subdivision at 146 points, breaking the previous record of 139 points set in a 71-68 victory against West Michigan last year, also in extra time. LSU's 72 points are the most valued in losing businesses. The Tigers have scored a combination of 79 points in their previous four SEC matches.

This is college football, and that is the SEC, and that is refereeing, and that's seven times, so you know there will be controversy. LSU had a problem with two specific calls, both in the final seconds of the game-binding drive Aggies to end the rules.

At one, LSU believed it had intercepted Mond to close the victory, only to have the referee review the game and mention that Mond's knee had been on the grass when he received a low snap, ending the game. And after Mond hit the ball after converting a fourth down long, a review stated that there was still one second on the hour. The LSU player who just gave Orgeron bathed Gatorade had to go back to the field to play again. That is a goal, A & M, and we are heading for overtime.

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