Wednesday , August 4 2021

A love letter for Velveteen Dream – the most exciting young talent on WWE NXT

Velveteen Dream continued its appearance as a star on WWE with another amazing display at NXT Takeover: War Games II.

The very talented 17-year-old, Patrick Clark, has proven himself as one of the top wrestling stars in the past 18 months.

His extraordinary athleticism and undeniable charisma have made him a legion of fans because his working body continues to stand out not only on NXT but also on the whole WWE.

His last outing only served to strengthen his reputation, even though it was a losing effort in the NXT Championship match against Tamasso Ciampa.

These two stars put together a stellar effort, but this is a show & # 39; The Dream & # 39; which made many people scratch their heads in surprise.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan was inspired by Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver: WarGames II

Often known to emulate or pay homage to superstars in the past years, Dream, who hails from Capitol Hill, Washington, is once again wearing an ensemble in & # 39; to Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the match against Ciampa.

There is some debate about whether the young star really called one of his childhood heroes or whether he really was playing in the WWE Hall of Fame.

He walked into the ring with a typical trick, posing to people wearing black and white Hogan-style fur hats, and T-shirts with OVA in the style of Hogan's nogan faction; once again reminder to all who witnessed that the very Velveteen Dream & # 39;

Velveteen Dream implemented a four-picture leglock on the ring post for Tommaso Ciampa at NXT TakeOver: WarGames II

The storytelling in the match and his nuance quickly became a trademark of Dream.

Throughout, he would throw Hogan's pose into the crowd – and even hit Ciampa with a ridiculous Hogan & # 39; s not selling & # 39; and his fingers.

That's not all. NXT's top gold contender channeled moments from some of WWE's most iconic star matches: surrender number-four on the pole in Bret Hart's style and Randy Savage's top-string executioner among them – not to mention the final Hogan finisher, a foot drop.

What's so fantastic about the match, however, is that this antics only once overflowed below the surface and added to that opportunity, rather than dominating and descending the match into a joke.

When it comes to crisis, Dream leaves behind pleasure and continues business.

While we are fascinated by Velveteen, it would be wrong not to give Ciampa a thumbs up that, for his part, continued his extraordinary nickname.

He is arguably the best villain on the WWE now and again plays that role perfectly.

In the end, he retained gold and, at this point in his second wrestler's career, that might be the right call.

Velveteen Dream falls and burns with a big elbow Rainmaker Purple at NXT TakeOver: WarGames II

It wasn't before both of them had a sold out audience in Los Angeles at their feet in anticipation of the title changing hands; Dream had hit DDT on the concrete floor and was followed up with the patented Purple Rain Maker elbow drop for what appeared to be three counts, only for NXT's specter to kick out.

It was Ciampa, after all, who held on to her favorite championship. Dream of going to the well again for a high-risk elbow but failing and falling hard – Ciampa pounced with DDT draping on a diamond steel plate on the side of the ring.

That was enough to end the other instant NXT classics, and bring together other extraordinary stories in a growing and expanding volume in the Velveteen Dream series.

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