A leading report claims we have to eat less meat to stay healthy. A leading agricultural expert responds to the evidence 'weak', more value than science


At the moment, I suspect many of you have seen reports of the EAT-Lancet Commission's healthy diet from the Sustainable Food System, which was released on January 16 …[T]he reported recommending a dramatic reduction in consumption of meat and animal products. This is theirs recommended dishes.

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Much has been made … about the recommended size proportion of meat and animal products (eg, 1/4 egg per day), and the fact that the added sugar is recommended more than most meat products.

… I think it's very useful to take a step back and see this report as another front in what seems to be an increased war on meat and animal food products …

My goal is not to defend the meat and livestock industry, but to … Add some important contexts and nuances to this discussion, and help ensure that consumers' welfare is not too disadvantaged.

[O]One big argument for reducing meat consumption is health. Although there are many studies linking meat consumption to various health problems, the strength of the evidence is quite weak …

The EAT-Lancet report focuses on health and sustainability issues. However, as I have noted with regard to the 2015 diet guidelines … this disrupts science and values. As I wrote at the time, "Tell us which foods are more nutritious. Tell us which foods are more environmentally friendly. But, don't assume to know how much someone values ‚Äč‚Äčnutrition, or environment vs. nutrition, or price vs. environment …

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