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A $ 100,000 buried treasure was hidden in Vancouver

The treasure hunt, billed by its creator as a Goonies without traps and ghosts, has come to Vancouver.

Gold Hunt has launched three treasure hunts in three Canadian cities: Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

In each hunt, treasure seekers will have the opportunity to find $ 100,000 worth of treasure buried in a secret location.

"It's almost like experiencing the Goonies in real life," said spokesman Chris Cromwell. "Or like an Indiana Jones style adventure."

The company sells maps and a series of five instructions to guide you to where X marks the place.

Maps, which are sold separately for $ 25 and in a package with $ 45 instructions, will be released to those who registered on 12:01 am on June 1.

Cromwell told CTV News Vancouver that this project had been developed over the past three months, with a group of friends and private investors coming together to fund it.

"We have all been treasure seekers since we were children. We have grown up and are able to make real-life treasure hunts," he said.

But what about pirates or those who want to steal treasure without a map?

"It's very unlikely," Cromwell said.

The buried chest will contain proof of purchase that entitles $ 100,000 and will contain several gold and silver coins, only not the full amount.

Vancouver and Alberta can only be the beginning of a hunt, Cromwell said.

The company is looking to expand ideas nationally, eventually giving $ 1 million in gold and silver coins over the next three years.

"Obviously we have to start with these three cities and see what the climate looks like. Will we be culturally acceptable? Are Canadians ready to hunt for treasure in size, scale and scale?" he says.

To participate, you must be a Canadian citizen and become the age of the majority.

With a report from Kevin Fleming from CTV News Calgary and files from Michael Franklin

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