Just yesterday, an online petition was made in hopes of destroying Tekashi 6ix9ine from prison when he faced trial. This time yesterday the petition was around 21K (signatures) in just under 13 hours, while the number has more than doubled in a 24 hour period, placing it far above the 40K goals set at the outset. The numbers add up on the impressive clip at change.og. Look at yourself.

The overall aim of this petition, as outlined by its creator at TWG Inc., is to get the attention of Judge Paul A. Engelmayer in a reasonable tone calling for "temporary dismissal" of Tekashi while he awaits the second phase of the extortion trial series starting on September 4 2019. If this tactic benefits the TWG, 6ix9ine lawyer Lance Lazarro will use the total proceeds of $ 1.5 million to win Judge's pardon.

The petition argued that because Tekashi was not a threat to his community, holding him against his will would not change his mindset before the pre-trial phase ended. Tekashi is subject to RICO actions written into criminal law by paying attention to organized crime and bordering exceptions.