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6 Things We Learn About Meghan Markle From CBS 'Meghan and Harry Plus One

Member of Meghan MarkleInner circle, British journalists and royal historians paint the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a very positive light as long as CBS News is specifically organized by Gayle King and titled Meghan and Harry Plus One.

An hour-long feature explores the new lives of former American actresses together Prince Harry, paying attention to the negative press (and arguably unfair) he has been the subject since joining the royal family. Meghan's best friend, makeup artist Daniel Martin and actress Janina Gavankar, Sharing their honest thoughts about rumors that are rampant, and even revealing how the Duchess itself seeks to overcome extreme tides.

For a deeper insight into Meghan's first year as a noble whirlwind – including his reaction to that shouting from Beyonceand Jay-Z—Just scroll!

Is There a Truth About Meghan's "Diva" Report of Violence?:

According to Daniel, not at all. "What is frustrating is that you hear these stories and there is no truth for them," he said. "It's not the same person. For years I knew him, the years I worked with him, he never suffered diva. Never. I know he doesn't deserve all of these negative presses." Janina added, "He doesn't read bad or good because he knows the metrics you have for your own life cannot be based on titles written by others."

Love Between Meghan and Harry Is Not Just for the Show:

As Daniel described, "They love each other very much. Very sincere. Love is real." Reflecting on a royal marriage, which happened almost exactly a year ago, Janina noted, "I must see my friend look into the eyes of his soulmate and be happy happily." He then commented, "He has a very solid feeling about what the true north is. He has the priority to find ways to bring light to global problems, but he is not alone. He is with his soul mate. Both are very strong together." Fainting a lot ?!

Prince Charles's movement for life:

When the tabloid drama about Meghan's estranged father overshadowed his wedding day, many wondered who would take him down the aisle without his presence. Prince Charles took responsibility, for a moment when remembering how it happened caused Daniel to cry. "The door is open and I'm standing behind," he shared. "I saw him go down and I only saw how strong he was and how calm he was. He remained calm. He walked and [Prince Charles and Prince Harry] intercept it. It's like, & # 39; We caught you. You are one of us. " He is at home. "

Welcome to Meyhive:

In a drama about the Beyonce fanbase known as Beyhive, Meghan's loyal followers and ideals collectively dub themselves "Meyhive." Maybe Queen Bey also considers herself a member, especially since she and Jay-Z included Meghan while receiving honors at this year's Brit Awards. Daniel said he sent Meghan a photo of an epic moment, which he said he replied with "big eye emoji".

Meghan and Harry's Parenting Style is Very Awesome:

Even though they were only mothers and fathers for two weeks, Daniel had predicted what would happen to Archie's baby's future. "I feel like Meghan and" H "will really make this child real. I'm sure the baby will be lifted clean and green. He likes to cook, eat organic whenever he can. I really see him eat "Oh yeah!" he mused. And from Janina's point of view, "She will be a good mother. I think she will have very low care, hands, the way she will if she is not married to the royal family. I think Meghan will be strict. Not in a strict way, but he is a very practical person. He will run a tight ship. "

So Who Is Responsible for Meghan's Perfect Wardrobe?:

Apparently, he is! Daniel confirmed to Gayle that the Duchess did not have his own stylist and chose all his own ensembles. "He always has an innate taste for his own style," he commented. "It's amazing he can manage all this."

Meghan and Harry Plus One premiered Friday night at 8pm. on CBS.

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