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5 Takeaways from Earl Sweatshirt New Album, Some Rap Songs

By name like Some Rap Songs, Earl Sweatshirt is very clear on the intelligence of the rap industry. It's authentic, there's no gimmick, but in a way that doesn't try to pay attention to its authenticity. Earl called his last album, 2015 I don't like bad luck, I'm not going outside, his dissertation was about himself, but he clearly didn't try to put the same burden on this tape. Label it in the simplest limits to the surrounding hype without sacrificing its seriousness. To really make it in the simplest terms: He is deep in his bag.

In three years since then I don't like bad luck, I'm not going outsideMuch has happened in Earl's life: his father died earlier this year, which encouraged a visit to Johannesburg and reconnection with the family; he lost collaborator and old friend Mac Miller, and developed relationships with the new MC community. This album reflects not only ongoing maturation but recalibration: new commitments are found to find personal and universal truths, and reaffirmation of his excitement for songs to seek comfort. This record is as far as Earl's most solid to date, but it is mixed with samples that are very fast and difficult to assemble which keep it compact. Here are five things you need to listen to in your first few rounds Some Rap Songs.

"I'm with MIKE and Med"

Once a collective member, Earl Sweatshirt has established collaborative relationships and meaningful friendships with new classes of like-minded musicians. He named some of these players Some Rap Songs, and that's no coincidence. Rubbing shoulders and rolling around with these people – mostly New Yorkers – had a real impact on the music. Cast characters include genre-benders and classics alike.

There is a Blue Navy (or Sage Elsesser), a professional skater turning a rapper credited with art direction I don't like bad luck, I'm not going outside, who was Earl's roommate (Sage has a verse about this recording); MIKE, an introspective teenager from the Bronx, who became a kind of Earl mentee after the alum OF bought one of his initial mixtapes online and received a personal thank you back; Medhane, a Brooklyn rapper who is half of the Medslaus duet with producer Slauson Malone aka Jasper Marsalis; Mach-Hommy, the mysterious Jersey rapper, which Earl has produced beats; Gio Escobar, who, as the frontman of Standing on the Corner, made music that included the entire black and brown diaspora. Some are guests, others are only in their minds or around during their creation, but these artists all have a big influence Some Rap Songs. You can hear it in disposition: in some songs, he is as cold and counting as Mach, almost analytical in its accuracy; in other places, he is as emotional and self-effacing as MIKE. This gives a single perspective a new dimension.

Earl Encourages Towards New Voice

For that, the sonic palette Some Rap Songs also very indebted to the people of Earl who had surrounded himself in recent years: Denmark Vessey, Standing in Corner, Black Noi $ e, Booliemane, and Adé Hakim all contributed music to the album. Some productions were not much different from the kind Earl did for Mach. Overall, this recording seems to borrow its musical cues from the post-SoTC genre Red burns project, MIKE fragmenting May God Bless Your Peaceand a glamorous yet unpretentious catalog of Knxwledge ribbons. His pulse circled tightly, which the Earl described to Vulture as "the snake that ate its tail." Most bring out the feel of vintage hip hop. Unlike the soundscapes from IDLS, IDGO, which sometimes looks almost without light, Some Rap Songs is a variation in bursts, an experience that is not like clicking on different images in the Master Display. A kind of cut-style structure and restless movement, collecting snapshots into a long section, born of bonding.

Cut to Chase

Short songs have taken over a lot of rap albums this year, mostly because of lazy writing and streaming economics that provide long album awards. But Earl is no stranger to keeping it short and sweet: conciseness and decision are the strength of 2015 I don't like bad luck, I'm not going outside. He once said, "Flexing is able to say the most with the fewest words." He applied his philosophy about efficiency to a 15-track album, 25 minutes by storing many songs in under two minutes. This is a product of musicians who focus on albums that still value the time of their listeners. The Long-length, right named "Loosie" is packed from front to back with rap, apparently dropping on the Earl amid thinking. At the end of "The Veins," he almost revealed the whole myth of Earl Sweatshirt.

Family Association

Most cuts Some Rap Songs written before the death of Earl's father, Keorapetse Kgositsile, but even those who did not work through sadness bounced off his family. On "Playing Possum," the clip of his parents talking openly stacked on top of each other. His mother is a presence throughout the record, often in a kind of supportive capacity. "I just got better over time, that's what my mother said," he tapped "Azucar," then added, "My mother said she often saw my father inside me."

Some songs that refer to Kgositsile largely avoid uncovering the intricate relationship with his son. The exception is "Beans," where Earl reconciles the loss of his father before they have the opportunity to uncover their problems. This song is one of the album's most touching moments, written with striking clarity. "Taking his grave, nothing but feeling out of place / Blessing my pops, we sent him away and not an hour late / Still in surprise, it made my heart fall somewhere." In an earlier statement this month, Earl opened about seeking closure. "Not getting that moment made me think a lot about myself," he said. There is still much left to know.

Famous Earl-ism

  • "Bad apple, every day colliding with kinfolk / Bad acid I damage my mentality / Of course you are right, it takes several parts to grow / They have called me savage from the beginning" (From "December 24")
  • "I don't know what I'm saying because I don't label the bag, I'm still here. I see you shoot but your corner is rubbish, don't play with us" (From "Ontheway!")
  • "It's real when you seal a letter with a candle, dirt changes now the check we see is handsome / Real Mike Willie is bad luck, we go gorillas, they really give up ransom. do them run and draw fast "(From" The Bends ")
  • "Reduce my pain and muzzle my brain" (From "Cold Winter")
  • "Peace for drinkers of my dirty water / Nothing try to get clean / Nobody said I was drowning / nobody said I could go" (From "Destroyed Dreams")
  • "Every nigger that stumbles around me serves as a reminder that / I have to pay attention to my steps / I remain silent as I do / I think I spend most of my life depressed / The only thing on my mind is death / Don't know I next time / Tryna fix this nonsense, I redefined myself / First I have to find it "(From" Nowhere2go ")

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