& # 39; Space Force & # 39; Already Makes People Forgive Netflix for Increasing Prices


Steve Carell at the Office Steve Carell will star Space strength | NBC

For the first time in two years, Netflix customers have to pay a higher price for popular video streaming services. The increase in rates means that customers now have to pay an additional $ 1 to $ 2 more a month, depending on their subscription.

The increase in Netflix prices may be a disappointing decision for some people, but this is a necessary step. Netflix spent around $ 13 billion on content creation and licensing last year, according to Forbes. Considering a video streaming service plan to bring more customers to good TV shows and films this year, it is understandable that they need to raise prices slightly.

Customers are disappointed with Netflix's price increase, but it's # Space Force & # 39; help

Even though people may not be too happy with the price increase, Netflix has reduced a bit of sting by reminding its customers just what kind of fantastic content they can carry. With the newest series, Space strength, people have started forgiving Netflix for the recent price increase. So, what's with this new series that makes fans so excited? Here are some details about Space strength, and how fans feel about this new event.

Netflix combines Trump and proven comedy

Space strength will show comedy about President Trump's new proposed space program, also called Space Force. Space.com describes the Trump Space Force as an entity that will "focus on national security and preserve satellites and vehicles dedicated to international communication and observation."

Netflix show announcement Space strength describing it as a show about men and women who have to find ways to "defend the satellite from attacks and do other space-related tasks … or something." Just from that brief description, it looks like this will be a show that mocks Trump's new proposal. And if we have learned one thing from decades Saturday Night Live skits, we Americans love to make fun of the affairs of our current political leaders.

Netflix show reminded of & # 39; Office & # 39;

Creator Office, Greg Daniels and stars Office, Steve Carell, has worked once again to hopefully bring fans of other shows who are not short of gold comedy. They will both become executive producers on new shows. Just because Daniels is not yet in front of the camera, he is still as famous as comedy skills like Carell. Daniels has worked on several comedies throughout the year, including Parks and Recreation, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, and Seinfeld.

People have fallen in love with the show

Although we don't know much about the show, like who the cast members are or when the show will finally air, a little interesting information that we know about the show is enough to forgive Netflix for the recent price increase.

Response to the announcement Space strength, @RobinJOJO said: "I am taking back the boom in my price increase … thank you Netflix."

He wasn't the only one who took back his anger. @mechanitom said: "Dear Netflix, this fully justifies your recent increase in subscription fees. Continue. – Tom. "

In reply to the tweet, @johngermany said: "I really started GoFundMe for them too, if you want to start."

Even though we are waiting for further details Space strength, it's clear that as long as Netflix continues to create high-quality events like this, fans will be willing to forget about any price increases that need to happen in the future.


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