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& # 39; KUWTK & # 39;: Kim Kardashian Makes Peace with Tristan Thompson After He Blocked It on Instagram


Kim Kardashian-West is all about continuing to live.

On a new Sunday Guard with the Kardashians, Kim is still very angry about Tristan Thompson's fraud scandal, and his anger has increased when NBA pros blocked him on Instagram at the beginning of the episode.

It soon became clear that Kim's anger made a slice between him and his sister, Khloe Kardashian, who had tried to solve the problem with Tristan after the birth of their baby girl, Right.

Kim's anger only made the reconciliation effort even more difficult, and because of that the sisters found themselves at the point of semi-estrangement, and the confrontation between Kim and Tristan seemed inevitable.

Their face-to-face finally arrived at the end of the episode, when Kim gave Khloe a visit at his home, where Tristan was relaxing in a fairly large home theater room. Kim excused herself from her conversation with her sister to chat with Tristan, and Khloe immediately felt uncomfortable.

"With Kim going to see Tristan, obviously my heart is racing," Khloe said KUWTK camera in a solo interview. "I have a lot of anxiety. I don't want them fighting at home."

However, the awkward battle seemed inevitable.

"Where is my bestie?" Kim said in disgust when he entered the room, where Tristan who was clearly uncomfortable was lying down.

When Kim talked to Tristan in the home theater room, Khloe got one of them KUWTK the producers lend earpieces to listen to conversations through the mic that Kim still uses, and their dialogue is not exactly what Khloe expected.

The first question that came out of Kim's mouth was whether Tristan knew how to play pickleball – a sport that combines elements of ping-pong and tennis. Tristan, who obviously did not expect it to be the beginning of the conversation, said he did not, and Kim, who was beaming happily explaining the rules while a tapper Khloe was listening, was truly astonished.

"I don't know how to start a conversation with Tristan, and pickleball is the first thing that pops into my head," Kim said in a solo interview. "It's very awkward, but he's an athlete so I think maybe talking about sports is normal."

Kim went on to explain that he likes skiing, and the couple is tied to his love for winter sports. Finally, Kim challenged Tristan to the pickleball ball before laughing to leave the room, never really handling a fraud scandal, or he blocked it on Instagram.

"I realize, why am I fighting this fight if there's nothing else?" Kim explained. "I will not spend my time angry at others for something they did not do to me. I will continue. And if that is what Khloe chooses, I will support her."

It seems, for Kim to make peace with Tristan for him to finally decide to do it, and it seems he is much happier after healing their relationship, to some degree.

The program even played a short clip of the video Kim shared with her Instagram story in June, where she convinced Tristan to unblock it while recording it.

"My relationship with Tristan is a work in progress. But it's very important to move forward," Kim said. "We are a very close family, we are a big family, and you have to go ahead and handle it."

This episode ends with hope, a positive note that seems to really limit the aspect of the "Tristan Scandal" storyline, because Kim, his sister, some of their friends and children all played in the pool in Khloe's backyard.

"Being here, swimming, hanging out with my children, with my family, this is a dream. This is what I like to do," Kim said. "I mean, even having Tristan here, we're all together, it's very fun, and this is life."

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