14 Days Fortnite Day 12 Leak Challenge and Prizes


Challenges and prizes for the 14 Day Fortnite Day 12 have been leaked.

Day 11 of the 14 days the Fortnite program aired today with challenges and new prizes available. The challenge is to thank the bus driver 11 times and the reward for completing the challenge is the Frozen Ax.

14 Days Fortnite Day 11 Frozen Ax Gift
14 Days Fortnite Day 11 Frozen Ax Gift

The remaining challenges for this event are:

  • Destroy various snowflake decorations
  • Place various devices on Creative Island
  • Search for a chest

According to Leaker, the challenge for the 12th day was to destroy various snowflake decorations. Players must destroy 12 snowflake decorations because the number of each challenge matches the day of the event.

14 Day Decoration of Snowflake Fortnite
Decoration of Snowflakes in Lamp Shipment

After completing the 14 day Fortnite day 12 challenge, players will be rewarded with the following items:

Leaked 14 days from Fortnite Day 12 prizes
Leaked 14 days from Fortnite Day 12 prizes

The prize is a snowflake emoticon associated with a challenge because the player must destroy snowflakes around the map.

Like all leaks, this is not official and prizes and challenges for the 12th day can be changed at any time. We will post challenges and official prizes once they are aired.


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