14 Days Fortnite challenge and prize for Day 10 has been leaked


As per the schedule, the data miners once again dig up the Fortnite game files to uncover the next 14 days of Fortnite challenges and prizes before release.

There are no challenges or prizes that are safe from data miners at Fortnite, because every day they have managed to dig up new information about upcoming events for the 14 Days Fortnite event.

When we approach the end of the 14-day event, everything doesn't change at all with the latest leak on December 27.

While the challenge of leaks has hit and gone when Epic Games continues to make everyone guess, the leak of prizes has happened every day. Thus, players can expect this as a prize for Day 10 of the event.

Day 10 will bring another item for the player to open.

Given that there were only five challenges left in the list of challenges that were previously leaked, it became a little easier to predict what would happen next during the event.

Also note that each challenge increases in number every day, like dancing in front of nine Holiday Trees on Day 9.

14 Days of Fortnite has given players new items every day.

Although not confirmed, the next challenge is believed to be "Destroy the decor of different snowflakes," what 10 players have to do considering today is the 10th day of the event.

Of course, there has been no official confirmation of this issue and we did not know it until the challenge was open on 28 December whether this was indeed the next challenge.

After the challenges and prizes are immediately aired, we will have a guide on how to solve them as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, go to our official 14 Days Fortnite hub for guidance on previous challenges until Day 9.


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